Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LOL Catholics

Followers of ancient Middle-Eastern resurrection cults are so funny! But please, enthusiastic Catholics, take note:

Health officials in the Philippines are asking -- no, "strongly advising" -- Catholics taking part in Easter self-flagellation rituals this week to first check the condition of their whips before lashing their backs.

Authorities worry that dirty whips could lead to tetanus and other infections, according to a report in the Manila Times newspaper Wednesday.

"We are not trying to go against the Lenten tradition here," Health Secretary Francisco Duque III told the newspaper. "But this advice is important to make sure that no one will land in the hospital due to tetanus or other infections that penitents might get in the process."

Christianity: not at all wacky!


dguzman said...

Wow. If only they were as open to condom usage to protect against HIV infection. But I guess that's different, huh?

drew in sf said...

The Catholic Church - ensuring safe and enjoyable sex-death rituals for 2000 years!

No Marsupial Equivalent said...

Ain't faith a funny thing.

karenzipdrive said...

My whip is as clean as a whistle.
And we all know how clean whistles are.

Matty Boy said...

Lenten tradition!

It's like when someone from the Royal Navy talked about Navy tradition and Churchill said, "Royal Naval tradition is rum, sodomy and the lash."

Enjoy it with someone you love.

Anonymous said...

Now, that, THAT reminds me of Burning Man.

Karen Zipdrive said...

PSP have you heard the Vatican's list of new sins?
They include:
-Polluting the environment
-Getting high on drugs
-Genetic cloning
-Rooting for the gay guys on "Project Runway"
-Rooting for the dykes on "Top Chef"
-Locating a woman's G-Spot
-Digitally locating a man's prostate
-Dressing your Boston Terrier like a nun
-Calling Pope Ratzenkoph a Nazi

Inaudible Nonsense said...

Digitally locating a man's prostate

Like with Google? Or a GPS device? Or is their some other sort of mobile digital prostate finder I haven't found yet?