Monday, December 03, 2007

Quickie: Hairdresser Saying Mean Things About Condi?

Hey, stop it, that's my job!



But anyway, Diplopoofter retires, trashes Condi at party.


Inaudible Nonsense said...

Since this seems to be LGBT immigration day -- let me just say this. They might not treat his partner like a spouse, but they do allow him to move his spouse to a foreign country and take care of all the details in terms of visas. This is 180 degrees opposite of our own country where LGBT citizens cannot sponsor foreign-born partners for immigration. I know far too many people who feel its easier to live overseas and work for State than to try to have a binational relationship in the U.S. This a very low bar I realize upon which to improve. But at least in the one incidence, foreign-based State workers have a benefit that their LGBT colleagues and fellow citizens in the U.S. do not.

dguzman said...

Why was he even surprised that Condi would ignore his pleas? Hello--closet cases can't favor teh gays, or they might be found out! Duh!

Jess Wundrun said...

I loved Mr. Guest in all those movies, like Spinal Tap and Best of Show!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for him.

Sue J said...


You are brilliant, SparklePony!

samael7 said...


Indeed, Sue J.

Folks, on behalf of the English language, please welcome our newest and sparkliest portmanteau word, courtesy Der Glitzenpony.