Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ever Lost a Day?

Click to enlarge! OMG, the Glamour!

Last week was such an extraordinarily busy Condiweek, I had to practically annex space on another web site to hold all the fun. But I missed some, so we may as well play catch-up. Upon rereading the Condi Roundup, though, I couldn't help but think, "OK, but what about Tuesday, the 30th?

Well, thanks to Pony Pal Daniel, who alerted me to the above photo of Condi's ultraswanky, romantically charged encounter with the Israeli Secretary Minister guy, now we know. The week is complete! As a deluxe, extra-special bonus, you must click the above photo to get the full impact of the fantastically glamorous diplomatic event. Bravo! They were so totally lucky photographers were there!

Also, I read and reread the mean article by Fred Kaplan everybody was talking about in Sunday's Washington Post. Well, it turns out that Condi used to be vaguely sensible, but eventually sold out to Bush's influence and it's been downhill ever since. Who knew? We're going to have to get used to endless variations on this article to come.

Oh, and speaking of pointless reiterations, Did you know that Elizabeth Bumiller took, like, five years off to research a biography Condi? I totally can. Not. Wait. In it, Bumiller, filling the gap left by such a complete dirth of Condiographical information about the publicity-shy secretary of state, reveals facts about Condi's Alabama upbringing, and how it ends up that Condi used to be vaguely sensible, but eventually sold out to Bush's influence and it's been downhill ever since. It is sure to be a gripping read! I wonder if it will have the part where she's flattered that people want her to run for president, but her dream job is to be NFL commissioner? And the part where she argued with Cheney? Those are the funnest parts! The world wants to know!

So she's been lying low the past couple of days, no doubt recuperating from the exausting activities and travails and darts and mean or bored people writing either mean or redundant things about her. Girl needs a salon day.


Anonymous said...

TeleFrank sez:

This photo reminds me of a scene from David Lynch's unwatchable epic, Inland Empire?

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Unwatchable? Oh, I beg to differ!

Anonymous said...

did Condi cuff her couture as one would roll an old stretched out sweatshirt sleeve?

dguzman said...

Looks like she did just half-ass roll those sleeves. Maybe it's just me, but the fabric looks a little old-lady-couch to me.

Anonymous said...

her hand looks nice though....

samael7 said...

Have you noticed that, with very few exceptions, she tends to wear that face when experiencing human contact?

Then again, life as a diplomatrix might cause one to feel, after a while, like a piece of meat passed around from foreign minister to foreign minister.

Poor Condi. Poor used Condi.