Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Request Line: Condi 'n' Tzipi!!!!

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (L) holds a joint news conference with Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in Jerusalem August 1, 2007 in this
picture released by the U.S. Embassy. (Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy/Handout/Reuters)

This is only a hit 'n' run quicky, but the second I saw the above pic, I just knew I had to post it before the Tzipi fans filled up my inbox. I'll follow up on Condi's no-doubt magical day later.

UPDATE - Would you like some very strange, tortured body language with gnarled up hands? OK:

And last but not least, the Israelis may not provide adequate tissue resources, but they know how to do the matching armchairs thing:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice(L) meets Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak in Jerusalem. Rice called on the Middle East on Wednesday to seize the moment to jumpstart dormant peace talks as she sought to lay the groundwork for an international peace conference later this year.(AFP/POOL/Uriel Sinai)

Oooh... loving the panty hose, Condi!


Anonymous said...

Princess, and friends of the Princess (aren't we all),

Ladies as you know worry about wrinkles, but these ladies' handlers evidently didn't worry about wrinkled flags.

Part of the Bush mismanagement -- from the Iraq-invasion criminal stupidity to the Katrina disaster mentality "who-cares-about-these-dumb-black-flooded-people" -- is not getting the simple details right.

Friends, take a look at the American (not to speak of the Israeli) flag on this picture.

They look LOUSY -- seemingly taken out at a moment's notice out of some kind of shit-drawer from some asshole-whatever's collection -- without the most elementary proper respect/ironing.

I say send the Marines to get properly-displayed flags! I won't say it's worth an invasion of Israel (or Israeli invasion of America).

America/Israel: Our flag/your flag, it should look straight (no pun) and proud, no matter our gender/sexual preferences, not wrinkled.


dguzman said...

What is Tzipi thinking about, with that big old frown on her face? And Condi looks like she's ready to share something life-altering, like she's coming OUT or something, with that finger-fumbling. Doesn't she normally go for the pointing gestures instead? WTF?

dguzman said...

P.S. Need more Ursula!

No Marsupial Equivalent said...

Tzipi: "I tried to become PM back in May. What have you done lately?"

Condi: "I, um... well, um... I watched a golf tournament... um... and some other stuff, too..."

Thanks for the Tzipi, Princess. Happiness abounds!

Betsy Ross said...

I love you, Matty Stern!

Distributorcap said...

my oh my those shoes sure look ferragamo made

despite the shoes, Condi still aint gonna get laid

jterry said...

That second picture screams to me, "Snogging? We weren't snogging!"

Totally Foreign Secretaries Gone Wild.

Ahem... And later, that U.S. flag at the Defence Ministry is touching the ground. Marines may well be in order. Really really hot ones, obv. Preferably in a wrestling match with some dudes from the IDF. Just sayin'...

samael7 said...

Diplomatrix gang sign.


Tzipkin said...

I've been waiting all night for these Tzipi pics on Reuters. There are more lovely pics of Tzipi. Latest polls in Israel says that Kadima will do way better under Tzipi (23 seats) than Olmert (only 7 seats). Under Tzipi, Kadima could beat Bibi. Check out the Condi 'n' Tzipi video here:

Tzipi, ani maamina! עם ישראל חי

z7q2 said...

* jumps up and down squealing like a Japanese schoolgirl *

So what, in pic 2, Tzipi is shooting Condi in the foot with her left hand, and crossing her fingers with her right hand, while Condi is crushing the life out of her invisible spherical friend. That's... just... I need some private time...

FranIAm said...

Why is Tzipi covering her ladyparts but somehow Condi is not????

Anonymous said...

Condi's St. John's Knit suit: thumbs up.

Matching armchairs that look like they came from a Holiday Inn lobby: thumbs way, way down.

Sheesh... you'd think that the Jews, of all people, could afford some decent matching armchairs. Oh, wait...

karenzipdrive said...

That poor schnook Tzipi does not live up to her frivolously frou-frou first name!
Can you imagine being stuck sitting between these two on a long airline flight?
In photo #2, Condi looks like she's possessed by the devil and Tzipi looks like the 'before' in a before-and-after yeast infection commercial.

Tzipora said...

anonymous Aug 3 said: "you'd think that the Jews, of all people, could afford some decent matching armchairs."

Jews own all banks, control the media and the US, eh?

karenzipdrive, actually I can imagine sitting between the two on a long airline flight. Ok, maybe not with Condi, but definitely with Tzipi ;) She'll leave you alone most of the time if you behave. If you fail to eat your veggies, she'll nag you to death. Don't even think of stuffing the veggies at the bottom of the tray, she's got eyes at the back of her head I'm telling you :p But honestly, I'm learning to appreciate all those times and many more to come hopefully.

To my sister tzipkin, quit making silly comments or Ima will ground you.