Monday, August 20, 2007

Princess Sparkle Pony: Your Leader in World Scarf News

Photo: EPA

Most people think scarves are fairly unimportant, so why do they pop up in the news so regularly? And, my goodness, sometimes in quite contentious ways! Take the lovely Hayrunisa Gul, seen above, for instance: she's about to become Turkey's first lady, and she's simply got to sort out her scarves before she does. This much is obvious from the photo, right? Oh, but it's not that simple:

Her Muslim headscarf has symbolised a dispute pitting Turkey's secular elite and the military against her husband Abdullah Gul's bid to become Turkey's president in an election process that was due to begin yesterday.

The headscarf, seen by secular Turks as a threat to the separation of state and religion, is banned from public offices and schools although more than half of Turkish women wear it.

So what's a gal to do? Why, fashion it up, natch! That way, her dazzling scarves will be a wonder to behold, and all the dazzled citizens will understand. Clearly, then, Ms. Gul will require a scarf expert of the highest order:

But in an apparent effort to show her ideas about fashion reach beyond the controversial scarf, she has asked a designer whose collections adorn women ranging from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Naomi Campbell to update her appearance for her anticipated new role.

"I was approached with some wishes and I'm already working on designs now. They not only involve headscarves, but the general wardrobe for Mrs Gul," designer Atil Kutoglu said.

"I'm working on a very elegant, very modern wardrobe for Mrs Gul," he said in an interview. "I try in my sketches to bring together current trends and contemporary fashion with the seniority of her future role."

Wait a minute... Atil Kutoglu... that sounds awfully familiar. Where have I heard that name before? Ah yes:

Kutoglu, an Istanbul-born Austrian from whose collections Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik has also picked some of her trademark shawls and scarves, said he would meet Hayrunisa Gul later this week to discuss his designs.

You didn't honestly think a scarf discussion wouldn't come back to Ursula Plassnik, did you? Oh ye of little faith!

A grand, table-clearing swish of the sparkley, combable tail to Pony Pal™ Boris (in Austria!) for this fantastic tidbit!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I knew I could count on you to sparkle up my dull evening! Do Ms Gul and her husband really believe that using a colored silk scarf will make her look modern and secular? Most likely if it is a slippery fabric she'll find herself with it sliding down to her nose. It's going to take more than colored fabric to reassure everyone.

Matty Boy said...

While even a fleeting mention of La Plassnik gives me a tingle I shouldn't elobarate on in public, the look on the face of Ms. Gul reminds me instead of another sedate(d) First Lady of our acquaintance.

Are there any particular goofballs that meet the standards of halal, the Islamic versionj of kosher?

No Marsupial Equivalent said...

I could suggest the intrepid Mr. Kutoglu look to hollywood's history, to lovely headgear such as what they wore at Convent San Tanco, or, just as cool, Milo Anderson's historically inaccurate work in Errol Flynn's Adventures of Robin Hood. Somewhere in there, I'm sure the future of the high-fashion abaya can be forged...

Anonymous said...

FYI, Happy Condi video at

FranIAm said...

She's too sexy for her scarf!

dguzman said...

and yet no photos of her Ursula-ness to make it even better! *pout*

Also, I don't mean to throw cold water on your hot topic, but is there something a little out of whack when despite all the political unrest, the separation of church and state issues, and the turbulence of the region, the possible next first lady of Turkey is worrying about hiring fashion designers? ...sumpin not right about dat.

wassonii said...

and yet again, thank you Princess for keeping us ascarf of the issues that thrall us all.