Thursday, June 14, 2007

Peter Pace Just Another Victim of the Queers

I've been trying to lay off the lazy hmmm... wonder what they're "reporting" on One News Now today? posts, but sometimes they have something so wonderfully crazy insane I fall in love with them all over again, like it's the first time!

OK, so you know that Peter Pace guy, the chairman of the mysterious, possibly mythical Joint Chiefs of Staff who just got fired by the new, tiny yet perfectly-formed secretary of defense? Do you know why he got fired? His utter failure at his job, perhaps? His ludicrous repetition of Dick Cheney's everything's going great talking points? Nope, nope, nope! It was the homos what done it:

The president of a conservative military watchdog group says she's dismayed over the recent sudden removal of General Peter Pace as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Marine general created controversy in March when he likened homosexuality to adultery, and said the military should not condone it by allowing homosexuals to serve in the military.

When Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the premature replacement of Pace, he expressed concern about a "divisive ordeal" that would have focused on the "past rather than the future." Elaine Donnelly with the Center for Military Readiness believes Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) successfully intimidated Gates and President Bush to scuttle Pace, probably by threatening to put a hold on his re-nomination.

"General Pace made statements that were opposed by the homosexual activist community, and that issue is why the administration chose not to fight for his reconfirmation," says Donnelly. "The administration chose to switch rather than fight -- and in this case, I think that is mistaken."

Donnelly believes the decision was made behind closed doors and is of grave concern.

"General Pace obviously is an honorable officer. He's not going to publicly challenge civilian authority," she notes. "But many of us are concerned about the issues that he has addressed with regard to homosexuals in the military. I think we need to be concerned because in this case, the advocates of homosexuals in the military are claiming a victory."

Donnelly believes the homosexuals have effectively ended the career of an exemplary Marine, who is respected by his troops. Pace has been replaced by Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chief of Naval Operations.

Wow! I had no idea the hairdressers wielded such power! Neat!


Matty Boy said...

Obviously, those of us America Haters wishing to achieve some political clout should seek out the local chapter of The Lavender Menace™ just to get in on the republic crushing opportunities before all the good chances to ruin the Christian nation are gone.

My People and Our Agenda (think extreme UrsuLove) are poorly organized with puny amounts of clout. In some ways, of course, that's our dream come true, but we should have thought this out a little better.

Bing said...

Ahhh! Princess Sparkle Pony! You have beaten me to the punchline! Grrr!

Good pick up, BTW.


Toriko said...

Please, will someone organize the mighty power of the hairdressers to target something more important than some inept Chairman? Find a Cure for Global Warming or something, will ya?

FranIAm said...

We are all headed for hell in a handbasket! And I want to make sure that I have a first class basket carriage!

First this and now gay marriage prevails in Massachusetts. What next, pray tell?

I don't know what is next, but I am headed straight(ahem) over to my hairdresser. (Who is aptly called Rod!)

Not only can he oust Peter Pace with the flick of a round brush, but he also works magic with my tresses.

If I am off to H- E- Double Hockey Sticks with a bunch of gay men, I better at least look good!

HRH King Friday XIII said...

Ah, I see. In otherwords, Pace's resignation only emboldens the gays.

Anonymous said...

I want that t-shirt! I know all of the words to "Rent"!
mr pinky