Friday, March 02, 2007

Let the Dignified Campaigning Begin! Brownback Deploys Sarcastic Dolphins

Photo: Reason Magazine

OMG, the Republican primaries are going to be so great! Flip Romney: Just Another Flip-Flopper from Massachusetts. Ouchy! The photo above comes from Reason's foray to the belly of the beast itself, some kind of scary GOP slumber party called CPAC. Here's their description of their colleague's delightful encounter with the mud-slinging, t-shirt bedecked aquatic mammal:
Justin, of the blog My Man Mitt, is challenged by the Romney Dolphin, who backs down after a barrage of follow-up questions on Romney's supposed flip-flops. I later learn the Romney dolphin (who won't reveal his name) was hired by Sam Brownback's campaign, which has a truly overwhelming presence at the conference. Speaking of overwhelming presences:


gregg said...

Note the way the dorsal fin has been bent over to the side and sticks out of a hole cut into the shirt as an afterthought.

I can just imagine some poor Brownback staffer, having *just* received the shirt in the mail from the screenprinter, standing in the costume shop, pissed off and staring at the fin.

Edith's Friend said...

I'm from Massachusetts and I flip-flop all the time. It's fun! You should try it. Republicans don't like it, but so what?

Lulu Maude said...

Another ugly campaign! If only I were a roller derby fan, I would enjoy all these flying elbows.

Jess Wundrun said...

On a serious note. Why is all the campaign coverage about Oback v. Hillary? (Aside from the fact that made up news about this tiff comes from the Washington Times and other rabid rightie sources.)

The republican candidates will destroy each other. I feel a little sad for the poor fundamentalist voter, unable to think for herself, trying hear who god wants her to vote for. She may spontaneously combust right there in the voting line.

Ok I don't really feel sad.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I borrowed your "brownback trash" pic for my blog.

Don't get mad. I despise him too.

I'm a

Say hello if you get a chance.