Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fed Chief Commits Grevious Fashion Crime

(Photo: Melina Mara/TWP)

Brown socks with black shoes? It can be done. Brown socks with black shoes and a gray suit? I don't think so, Mr. Bernanke, and Dana Milbank was right to point out this horrifying fashion offense in today's Washington Post even if it bore absolutely no relationship to the discussion at hand:

Showmanship is not something that comes naturally to the white-bearded academic. He testified yesterday with a large band-aid on the tip of his index finger, and his suit jacket was bunched up around his neck like a life vest, causing one sleeve to hike up on his forearm. Though his suit was gray and his shoes were black, his socks were brown (President Bush once ridiculed him for wearing tan hosiery).

Oh sure, it's not suspenders with a belt, but still. Some may wonder why the Post scribe felt a need to point out this off-topic violation, but Milbank's message is clear: Bernanke obviously doesn't come from the right sort of family to be holding such a high position. Tsk.

EDIT: Pony Pal Jess points out, correctly, that one of Mr. Bernanke's socks is inside-out. Oh, the shame!


Jess Wundrun said...

One sock is also inside-out

cynic said...

How much is Dana Milbank paid for this shit?

Danny L. McDaniel said...

Everyone knows that white socks goes with black shoes and a gray suit. The nerve of some people!

Danny l. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana