Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mitt Romney Shunned by Christian Fundies Due to Mormonic Heresy? Perish the Thought!

Ah yes, this is the beat ol' Mitt's going to be dancing to up until his inevitable defeat in the primaries. Isn't it cute, though, the way the pundits are pretending that Romney's membership in a dangerous, Satanic cult simply won't be an issue with conservative voters? Heaven forbid! The usually boring Media Matters just put together a funny and, natch, painfully thorough look at how Fox News is treating the issue: with hilarious, elaborate denial.

So evangelical Christian voters won't hold Mitty's faith against him? Really? I've been dying for a chance to head on over to One News Now, the American Family Association's superfantastic successor to Agape Press. I'm sure I won't find any Mormon-bashing there! Oh oh, oops, here's a recent article in which some lady specifically wants people to know that they shouldn't vote for Mitt Romney because... he's Mormon! And here's another one from this past month, in which the ginormous Southern Baptist Convention felt a need to remind their zillions of members that those Latter Day Saints people are, like, totally tricked by Satan, and you know that Romney guy? He's one of 'em. To their credit, though, they also published this tepid defense: He's like us! Sort of!

And where do One News Now's readers stand on the issue? Do they, like Fox News suggests, think that Mormons are no big deal? Conveniently, they were polled! Here you can see that more than half of the respondents were queasy about the Mitt Romney's magic underwear, and here you can really see that an overwhelming majority (84%!) feel that Mormonism is something people need to be "warned" about.

Glad we cleared all that up! Clearly, as Media Matters pointed out, it's all the liberal media's fault.


Alkibiades said...

I love how pitiful the numbers of votes are in those polls...

Lulu Maude said...

At least they're all patriarchal and down on the same people... can a coalition be formed?

Matty Boy said...

It falls to me to point out the obvious.

His greatest weakness is that his name is "Mitt"!

Clearly, his parents wanted to give him a fine Christian name like Matt, but they screwed up, and unable to partake of the soothing libations or rum or Coke (or both), they couldn't bring themselves to admit their mistake.

Did they want to name him Mett? That's not a name!

Perhaps they meant Mutt? That only works if his twin's name is Jeff.

Were they going for Mott? Only if he is a Hoople, and I don't believe he is.

Mitt is just a poorly formed Matt, and all the hair products in the world will not give him solace.

Sad, really.

The Truffle said...

The GOP has a Mitt and a Newt running for the GOP nomination. Man, that reads like a badly written boy's adventure book, doesn't it?

Maybe the fundie-bots will just stay home on Election Day if they hate the candidates so much.