Saturday, February 10, 2007

Metablogging: Possible Disturbances Ahead

Ahoy ahoy! I've converted the Pink Pony to the "new" blogger, and that means that there are new features and possibilities. Don't be surprised if there's a major change in appearance... but don't be surprised if there isn't.

I'm very pleased to be able to add "labels" to posts. I hope to go back over the archives at some point to retroactively add some... "matching armchairs" and "hairdo alerts" come quickly to mind.

Input requested and appreciated!

UPDATE: Looks like I've really messed it up so far, but I'm just experimenting with swapping out various resources at the moment. One thing that is working for the first time is the "older posts" link at the bottom, which makes it so much easier to read back a page at a time. Good fix, Blogger/Google!

UPDATE: Way less messed-up now.

UPDATE: I've at least got it stabilized, but the banner is obviously too ugly and boring. I'll get to that next.

UPDATE: There, that's all settled.


Jim said...

Hi Sparkly,
Looks good in Firefox, but your title bar is under the blogger header in IE7.
Ping me if you would like some html help this evening - I'm a programmer and a fan :-)
You can find me through profile-> blog -> website -> contact

Anonymous said...

A thought, dear Princess:

Have you ever thought of comparing Kondi's visage with the grill of the Plymouth in Carrie?

Congrats on your new format.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh, Princess, please don't apologize for the remodeling dust. Even Michaelangelo left some dust when he was sculpting his masterpieces.

Matty Boy said...

Personally, I liked the old font better. Times New Roman is a terrific font and I use it all the time, but I think it works best in black and white. The old non-serif font works better with the exciting color schemes you use.

drew in sf said...

glad you are leaving things center-aligned. It's one of my preferences with webpage layout. The font size is a little larger than I'd want it to be. My 19" monitor is set to 1600x1200, and I don't need my reading glasses! Which tells me that the font size might be a little too "ADA-friendly" ;-). Anyway to throw one of those "text size +/-" widgets on here, perhaps?

Otherwise, I like the improvements. Good flow features, and design-wise not too many departures from the format we've all come to know and love! Pink-fade backgrounds forever!

Edith's Friend said...

Thank you for getting rid of the Pink Dancing Elephant, even though I was once in a band called Pink Dancing Elephant...

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Oh, the dancing elephant and donkey may well return, so don't start celebrating yet!