Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Starbucks Scores Coveted Libby Trial Product Placement Deal

Former New York Times journalist Judith Miller, center, and attorney Robert Bennett, left, arrive at U.S. District Court in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2007. (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)
EDIT: How great would it have been if Joltin' Judy had worn the Condoleezza dress to the trial?


Marvin Lesbian said...

She looks evil, alien, and insane. Maybe that's what she is!

Matty Boy said...

Is she carrying a bag or a cane?

Are those sunglasses or blinders?

Is that scarf the ugliest thing ever, or second place behind the Condi camo-vomit evening gown?

And the fellow behind her... look at the longing on his face. A flock of birds is flying away. "Fly away, birdies! Fly and be free! Once, I was free, but then I went to law school and passed the bar, then I got this bitch for a client, and that fat fuck over there is my boss, and Jesus H. FUCK but my life is a mess!"

Or perhaps I'm reading too much into this.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I watched Judy glide up the steps to the Met's main entrance on 5th Avenue, making a queenly spectacle of herself.

Nice weekend afternoon, no handbag, arms swinging, a buttoned double-knit couture jacket, double-knit slacks, wind blowing her blow-away, slightly textured hair, her defiant self-satifaction held high.

Her foundation was pale and powdery. It looked like a professional had helped her pick out the right shade.

Anonymous said...

I hope she spills it in her lap.

shaman ∞

HRH King Friday XIII said...

Nothing goes better with a venti mocha latte than a federal subpoena in the morning.

puritani said...

OMG. Does anyone know why she carries her handbag like a cane? The front page of today's Post clearly shows the bag - Marc Jacobs, I think. But, that associate's tie is so 80's. I couldn't agree with Matty Boy more; poor associate; that poor kid wasn't identified in the Post either. Bad coat. If you're going to be in the news wear Cashmere, like Bob...and Scooter.

Carmen Sutra said...

Ursula scoffs, then crushes the bug-like wannabe under her ginormous yet stylish heel.

Jess Wundrun said...

Somebody should start an anti-trust suit against the lawyerin' of Bob Bennett. I mean, are there NO other lawyers in Washington?

keith said...

DC is very unbecoming of Anna Wintour. Where's Andre Leon Talley? Is this what we have to look foward to in the Fall collections? ugh.

Pretty princess tori said...

I can't/won't create an account on the washington post just to see the picture puritani referred to, but I'm guessing that he carries her handbag in her hand like a cane cause its a handbag. The mode of transport is right there in the name hand... bag.

I would like to put forth another theory to the cooperate product placement Princess Pony. The evil corporation doesn't need to make deals with public figures to get their product in their hands. Much like the tobacco companies, they have used an addictive substance and made the public reliant upon it. Unlike the tobacco companies, Starbucks has a monopoly on the market. Maybe Miss Miller tried to get her fix elsewhere and was unable to. I believe we need to lobby congress to get this addictive substance out of the hands of children! No Starbucks within 3 blocks of a school (etc etc)

Matty Boy said...

I am the person who first brought up the cane/handbag question. Let me throw my two cents in.

The hand holding the bag (not cane, I have been assured) could be a claw of a bloodless vulture. Bob Bennett could be supporting much of her weight in his vise-like grip. (The vise-like grip is a big client magnet, for you young lawyers reading PSP for career tips.) Her outfit reveals as little skin or body shape as humanly possible; she could be 40 and gravely ill or 80 and wonderfully spry.

There are so many unknowns, my poor mathematical mind can't solve this system of simultaneous equations. Oh, for a determinant!

Dearest Princess, whom I should not dare to implore, I implore thee! Throw us a Diplogal scrap. Even Angie Merkel or Mags Beckett would suffice, though you must know by now who your public (not just me) really wants.