Tuesday, January 30, 2007

They Call It Synergy

Click for larger!

A grand, room-clearing sweep of the glittery, braidable tail to my old pal Panchesco, who recently captured the above in Tucson, AZ. Does it conjure grim images of an massive, circular treadmill which never ends? It should.

Congrats to Clear Channel for bringing these complementary, lucrative clients together so efficiently!


WIIIAI said...

Don't be silly, the two have nothing in common. The bottom billboard clearly mentions "pre-planning."

puritani said...

You're right, wiiiai, they can't be related. The bottom billboard also says "affordable."

Colin Campbell said...

Here in Australia, Funeral Homes are big sponsors of lawn bowling clubs.

Anonymous said...

Princess Pony, you're trip-trapping into a field ankle-breaking gopher holes. The GWOT (Gobshite Waffle of Tripe) is deadly serious stuff! The WCOMS (Wanking Circles Of Malkin Sycophants) will pop up from their Moonie-holes and chatter angrily! You are cheering the deaths of brave Murrikans! You are comforting and fluffing the Tripe-ists!