Thursday, January 11, 2007

Micheline + Ursula = Best Friends FOREVER!!!

November, 2005 (AP Photo/KEYSTONE/Edi Engeler)

Last Thursday I introduced a new starlette in the Pink Pony Pantheon, fabulous Micheline Calmy-Rey, ceremonial girl President/Foreign Minister of Switzerland. I suspected this frisky little attention-getter could hold her own in the pink spotlight with such beloved Sparklefaves as Karen Hughes and Tzipi. And sure enough, I was gratified when Pony Pals™ responded excitedly in one voice: We love Micheline! And I do, too! OMG! I also sensed an extra frisson of pleasure amongst readers of this blog concerning the photo of Micheline with her slumber party-mate Ursula Plassnik, the amiable, herculean Austrian diplogiantess. Well! Consider this post porn for you, then! I love the above photo for the sheer magnitude of Ursula's scarf alone, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that its best feature is just how much the photographer had to tilt his camera to get the two gal-pals' heads level. You've gotta look up to Ursula, and I mean that physically! Mrrrowr! More? Prepare yourself:

July, 2006 (AP Photo/HOPI MEDIA/Bernhard J. Holzner, handout)

That's right, Pony Pals™, it's a hot diplomatrix sandwich. And who's the mayo? Why, that's Leichtensteinamarian foreign minister Rita Kieber-Beck! *sigh* Aren't you already imagining them in a giggly pillow fight with Condi 'n' Tzipi? OK, that's plenty of Ursula/Micheline fantasy material to last you all a while.

And, finally, I couldn't resist:


Lulu Maude said...

Because they're cousins,
Identical cousins all the way,
One pair of matching bookends,
Different as night and day...

sfmike said...

Uh, awesome, Princess, truly stupendous.

Anonymous said...



Matty Boy said...

Micheline isn't as tiny as I imagined! And in that first picture, all I could think is that they must be 1960's Batman villainesses! But we know they are good, and Batman would figure it out, even at his Dark Knight grumpiest.

And the Swiss/Lichtenstiener/Austrian threesome, even lined up in the correct west to east alignment. It's Wunderbar!

I love Micheline and Rita and Ursula so much, but not as much as I love Princess Sparkle Pony! Thank you, PSP, for this wonderful EuroTreat!

chunkstyle said...

OMG!!! I must get Micheline's hair-stylist's number! She is just so cute :) Can we call her Swiss Miss too???

samael7 said...

No, Micheline isn't tiny. But that "affable giantess," Ursula, is just larger than life. I really want to see her scarf closet.

I think they should all get together and do a DiploCorps remake of The Women. Ursula would have to have the Joan Crawford role, I suppose. But couldn't you just see Tzipi in the Rosalind Russel part?

Matty Boy said...

A comment on the PhotoShop. I get the pun (duh!), but the Michelin Man has a happy smile, and this photo of Micheline makes her look like she just sucked on a lemon. There are plenty of happy, smiling Micheline snaps, like her with Rita and Ursula above; why not use one of them?

Also, there's the Calmy Rey pun. Maybe you could PhotoShop her into the famous Mars Attacks! bubble gum card, but instead of immolating some poor pooch, the Calmy Rey would turn them into the adorable sleepy puppies that are the bread and butter of a website like Cute Overload.

Would the Calmy Rey work in Iraq? Could it be any worse than everything we've tried so far? I don't think so.

BillyX said...

Haha, I think you should have put her head on one of these

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Matty, I chose that particular Micheline head because it was the most perfectly spherical. I actually did try to find a smilier one, but I loved how this one worked against the normal exuberance of the character.

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

I am VERY concerned that Micheline's hair is not moving in the wind while the other Euro-Uber-Fems tresses are tossing---and my fear is that Micheline's hair IS NOT REAL but merely the plastic coating on a computer module.

Please lay my fears to rest--

Other than that, this is a WetDreamWorld in Diplo-SchmuckLand.

OMG is Micheline wearing a dark bra under that buttercup yellow cashmere thingy? OMG. My mother will KILL her.

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

By the way, whenever I see Ursula's stomach, I want to lay my head against it to see if it gurgles gently, or babbles wildly---what is the poetry in the sounds of her stomach?

Time to go frisk the mailman. Thank you wonderous Princess. Thank you.

samael7 said...

I was rather shocked at the salacious bra mix-up myself, but I'm glad someone mentioned it. My theory is that Rita and Micheline swapped at a slumber party, so Rita's wearing a tasteful cream one under that black top. That's why they're smiling so impishly and the Hills are Alive with the Sound of Tittering. Heh.

And Ursula? You KNOW she's going commando. Work it, girl!

keith said...

I love that you can "diplo" just about anything and it sounds fabulous.

Matty Boy said...

In regards to Our Swiss Miss' unmoving hair: It might be plastic, yes, but it also might be that she stood where she stood to use Ursula as a wind screen. Our Austrian Diplomazon has so many uses, we mere mortals cannot begin to fathom them all.