Thursday, December 07, 2006

I Wish I Could Get Paid to Photoshop This Badly


The above, from today's NY Post home page (via TPM Muckraker) actually appeared, in slightly different form, on the cover of the Post's print edition this morning. I mean... that's worse than even the lamest Star-Wars-Obsessed Fark Photoshopper.

Also, are those Chimpanzees? Chimps are, of course, apes (not monkeys).


pissed off patricia said...

I know this OT but you gotta get those photos of Laura and the other two or three ladies who wore the same dress to some christmas shindig. All of them in a red dress that looks like it was made from someone's grandmother's couch. Talk about fashion disgrace. I'm feeling faint just thinking about it

pissed off patricia said...

Here's more

Anonymous said...

Back ON topic... think of how bad reality is going to be for these right-wingers for a while as Iraq continues the downward spiral.

The "we're still winning, goddamnit!" wing of the GOP is going to be able to hold a convention in a phone booth pretty soon.