Friday, November 03, 2006

Alan Keyes, Superstar!

How exciting! Today marks the first time audiences will be able to enjoy famed presidential candidate Alan Keyes on the big screen! He must be so excited. And it's not every day that such a distinguished politician gets to be featured in what will no doubt be the #1 comedy in the known universe.

That's right: Keyes is one of "Borat"'s victims, playing the stooge in a scene where Sacha Baron Cohen's ersatz foreign correspondent enthuses about a gay pride festival. I can't wait.

But hang on, because fans like me can wait a week and make it a Alan Keyes double feature next weekend when another wholesome entertainment featuring the tenacious defender of propriety makes its debut. Hooray!


imagebuilder said...

Alan Keyes Rocks!!!

Jon said...

Ever read Maya Keyes blog? Nice young woman, disowned by her father. She's identifies herself as a queer, anarchist, Catholic. Mostly she writes about her money problems and her emotional problems, all caused by her "family values" dad who disowned her and threw her out on the street when she was a teenager. What a guy.

Anonymous said...

Keyes scmeyes... Run - do not walk- RUN, SPRINT, PRANCE your way to the links that take you to the trailer to the movie Fok, in which the tiny man Keyes himself apparently appears.

The trailer wil make you laugh your f*cking a$$ off!

Oh PSP, the delights you lead us to.

Thanks. Franonymous

Anonymous said...

I am quite disappointed. That trailer was anything but amusing, serving only to prove once again that profanity is a device of the intellectually lazy and the unimaginative.