Monday, October 16, 2006

When Ex-Gay Rivals Turn on Each Other, Everybody Wins!

OMG, have you ever heard bitch-slapping quite as delightful as this? The LA Times delivers a real thrill-ride in their totally fun exposé of what can only be called an incipient Ex-Gay™ turf war between Alan Chambers' telegenic yet fey group Exodus International on one side, and the decidedly less festive National Assn. for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality on the other. What a delicious spectacle:
One psychiatrist called for allowing schoolchildren to shame and ridicule classmates who don't act according to stereotypical gender roles. Another board member, a therapist, asserted that slaves may have been better off in chains than in "savage" Africa.

One of NARTH's scientific advisors has quit in protest, and a prominent therapist has canceled his presentation at the group's annual conference next month. Alan Chambers, who leads the nation's largest support group for "ex-gays," urged NARTH's members to "think long and hard about the mission of the organization."
And after all, if there's anybody who likes things long and hard, it's Alan Chambers.


ifthethunderdontgetya said...

I stopped by Atrios, and somehow I thought of you, PSP.

Carmen Sutra said...

Blue ribbon to PSP for "Best Use of a Goya Painting in an Ex-Gay Post".

I wish they had named the "one psychiatrist" so I could hone my bullying skills on him/her.

Anonymous said...

In my misguided youth I attended Exodus. They destroy people. No one changes; they just become conflicted and shamed. Thanks to Exodus I lost my faith. We should stop at nothing to expose their lies and put an end to their “evil doing”.