Wednesday, October 25, 2006

UPDATE: Political Sit-Com War Escalates!

I mentioned on Monday that I thought Claire McCaskill had come up with a winning campaign strategy by hiring beloved Michael J. Fox to do her ads, and I hoped that other Democrats would take note of the tactic. I imagined a wonderful world of political ads starring Barbara Eden and that kid from Eight is Enough, a veritable Nick at Night to replace the usual dour, besuited talking heads.

Well the Republicans know a winner when they see it. So who better to battle the fondly-remembered sit-com son than the inexplicably megapopular sit-com mother? And indeed, as the New York Times reports, the Republicans have done just that:
In Game Four of the World Series tonight, Jeff Suppan, the starting pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, will be trying to strike opponents out. But he’ll also be striking back. Missouri baseball fans will see Mr. Suppan on the field and on the air calling on voters to reject an amendment legalizing embryonic stem cell research, as a rebuttal to an ad featuring Michael J. Fox. The spot will also feature Patricia Heaton, the mom on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and Jesus, errr, Jim Caviezel, the guy who played Him in “The Passion of the Christ.” The opponents of the amendment say it would permit human cloning, a claim that supporters deny.
I think beloved sit-com son needs help from spunky, supersmart sit-com daughter. And somewhere, Punky Brewster's cell is ringing.

UPDATE: Webb jumps on the Michael J. Fox bandwagon. Oops, I meant that the other way around.


HRH King Friday XIII said...

Gee... I sure hope none of those highly educated sports players get a crippling or paralyzing injury. And who the fuck cares about what the guy who played Jesus thinks?

Anonymous said...

everybody loved raymond, but i think everybody hates patricia. does she have nothing better to do with her time than this? ok - its all like "right-to-life" 'n stuff until the right to a HEALTHY life comes up. then its like no-no-no... not THAT much right to life!
i always have believed that confusion was the tool of the devil and this is just proof of it. the devil and patricia heaton...separated at birth!

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

If they would all just practice Scientology the way it was meant to be practiced, none of this would even matter. Cloning is already a fact of life. Just ask Tom Cruise you big sillies!

(There is a nursery somewhere filled with Tiny Condibots, all scribbling new versions of the Bill of Rights in purple crayon and dreaming about gorgeous grownup shoes.)

Lulu Maude said...

Oh, Patricia... clearly the years have not been kind.

I weep for your uninformed ole self.

Kodos said...

So says Mrs-Everything-About-Me-Has-Been-Bought-at-the-Office-of-an-Incompetant-Plastic-Surgeon???

Riiiiiiight. Science is entirely evil unless it's correcting my sagging ass, tits and bulging belly.

Patricia Heaton needs to be banhammered. Now.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I wish her show was still on so I could still ignore it.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel said...

She's got a Whip Inflation Now button left over from the Ford administration??

Mom of Three said...

She and Kurt Warner are such a pair: Both has-beens on long-ago winning teams. Now they're scientists.

Worship how you wish, but I'll bet you'll be first in line if there's a cure and they're diagnosed.