Friday, October 27, 2006

O My!

OK, so you guys know that I'm kinda obsessed with busses, right? I just stood at the corner of 7th and Pennsylvania for half-an-hour hoping to catch a photo of one of the city busses emblazoned with the above logo from Snickers' latest ad campaign. Alas, I was unsuccessful, but I'll do my best today to get a snapshot.

It's a clever ad series, with Snickers taking great advantage of the recognizability of their typeface. And the various slogans look lovely on a bus. But... hung... erect... o my, indeed!


guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

Ick. My uterus is feeling sensitive about this---who can I sue?

And my lobotomy scars are really aching.
BAD BAD LEFT BRAIN! NO! RIGHT BRAIN! ah screw it.....I'll just take a sip from this BOTTLE IN FRONT OF ME.

Ok, now I know you'll never let me comment again.

HRH King Friday XIII said...

I saw that bus too!!!

It took me a few seconds, several double-takes, and a full metro ride home to finally admit to myself that someone at Snikers thought that was clever.

Later that night I had sex with a Snickers Bar.

ivan said...

OMG that's great! I wonder if the one that says Nougatocity or some such nonsense is a take on DCs reputation as Chocolate City?

Anonymous said...

MY brain parsed the syllables in a slightly different manner... "HUNG" and "RECTOM" were the two I picked up on.

Anonymous said...

How can this ad possibly want to make you eat anything, least of all one of those indisgestible "Snickers"
... said...

holy crap dallas has a few of the hung-erect-o-my buses scurrying around.
i will never look at them the same again.

Anonymous said...

Amazing coincidence or disturbing parallel... But on Thursday, in NYC on the corner of 4th Ave and 9th St I saw a cab with that sign on the top and thought THE VERY SAME THING!

Remember the old tag line from the early 80's... Snickers, its so satisfying! Its hungerectomyly so!!!


Anonymous said...

A propos of nothing, did you know our little calico cat is also named Princess Sparkle Pony?

Anonymous said...

I thought DC was known as Hersheyville:
80% chocolate/20%nuts

former DC resident

Earl Cootie said...

Do you remember the very short-lived ad campaign (1981, I believe) for 3 Musketeers? "The more it's whipped, the bigger it gets."

Mom of Three said...

This reminds me of those unfortunate URLs like for the Cumming First United Methodist Church.