Thursday, September 07, 2006

Condi's Really Back!

Serbian President Boris Tadic (L) and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice exchange documents after signing the Status of Forces Agreement on military cooperation in the Treaty Room of the State Department in Washington, DC.(AFP)
I know this blog has been sloooooowwww lately, but it's all Condi's fault, I swear. I can't even remember the last time we had a proper matching armchairs photo-op, and that makes me sad. But look! Here she is, perky and ready to roll! And she's doing one of our favorite things: exchanging meaningless documents with the president of an inconsequential nation! I mean... Serbia? Didn't they, like, start World War 1 or something? That's the Condi we live for, isn't it? OMG, thank goodness.

Also, can I say I caught a cold on my way back from fake camping? Back to work tomorrow, though! Um, if any coworkers are reading this: runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sleeping all day, the works. Seriously, you really didn't want me around the last two days. I'll do my best not to get any on you tomorrow.


sfmike said...

Hot water, honey, lemon and some brandy. Maybe even lots of brandy. It's sleep that cures all.

And thank you for taking us back to some kind of Condinormalcy.

Anonymous said...

Gargling with salt water is also a suitable activity - it's about as gross as having a cold. There's a satisfying symmetry there. Staying home and in bed and lots of sleep is good. Hope you feel better.

Random suggestions for the lexicon, inspired by SFMike's Condinormalcy:

Condileptic fit
Lexicondi (vocabulary concerning Condi)

PwapVt said...

I'll do my best not to get any on you tomorrow.
Visa, for everywhere you don't want it to be!

my fav cold remedy is washing down a coupla tylenols with alka seltzer cold plus

samael7 said...

You sure that's not Steve Martin?

sleepyinsaudi said...

Do you notice how George Washington can't take his eyes off of Princess Condi?

Oh, and around these parts, people swear that crushed blackseed in a tablespoon of honey will stop a cold dead. Also, rub olive oil all over your back and chest. No kidding.(I don't know what they call blackseed in america,but it looks like burnt sesame seeds). Hope it works.

Carmen Sutra said...

Isn't that Jefferson, Sleepy? And from what I've read, Condi is just his type.

Anyway, inconsequential perhaps, but Serbian guys are totally hot, including Boris there! The Doctor is totally wanting to jump his bones - she's practically drooling.