Monday, July 24, 2006

Has Condi's Invisible Friend Been Kidnapped?

A rightfully concerned Pony Pal™ directed my attention to this article at BBC News about that Chavez guy tripping around the world and meeting with all of America's least-loved frenemies. Halfway down the article is this chilling photo:

It really looks like that Ahmadinejad guy is totally holding (throttling, even) Condi's invisible friend, doesn't it? Well, Condi may like to share her see-thru, spherical comfort pal with nice people, but, Honey, she isn't about to hand it over to that guy, OK? Plus, even though they keep saying she's going to go to the Middle East, she keeps not going*, right? And when/if she does go, she isn't going to go anywhere near the Iranian toupée guy. So, no, Pony Pals™, he didn't get his grubby mitts on it.

So what's going on is that he's making fun of Dr. Ferragamo's invisible pal, and that's totally in accord with his mean, America-baiting tactics. I feel kinda bad, because I'm the person who discovered her secret pal, and I should have known better than to write about it on such a widely-read site as Wonkette, because I'm sure that's how he found out about it. I'm sorry, Condi! I'll be totally more discreet in the future.

*UPDATE: OMG, she's there! Condi's in Lebanon!

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Lulu Maude said...

International hostage crisis! Polaroids to follow!