Monday, July 24, 2006

Ugly Tour Bus Photoblogging: Greek Edition

Click for bigger!

Pony Pal™ Ro proves, once again, that ugly, pointlessly painted tourist conveyances are, indeed, the international language. What exactly is going on here? It seems like a mish-mash of the Holy Family, Adam and Eve, Michaelangelo's Creation of Man, and... Knox Berry Farms? I am seriously unable to fathom its metaphors. A little help, please?

Thanks, Ro! And all the rest of you, please think about the Pink Pony when you're galavanting around the globe. Ugly tour busses are everywhere! Take pictures!


Lulu Maude said...

How fortunate you are to live in a city so consecrated to tourism year round. We have to wait till the fall for the leaf-peekers.
I grow restless with anticipation.

mark1 said...

This reminds me of Watchtower magazine with the renditions of the land of milk and honey where the lion lays down with the lamb that awaits the faithful of Jehova when... well who knows when. I have a fairly good rendition of this type of art but i don't know how to post it.

mark1 said... There, you can view the painting from the watchtower here. It is fairly typical for this magazine.