Friday, June 16, 2006

Seersucker-Punched: The Opera

Yes, I was caught off-guard yesterday by Seersucker Thursday, that magic day when folks on The Hill wear outdated clothing to go along with their outdated approaches to legislation. I made a plea to undercover Pony Pal™ Fritz at CSPAN for more pics and boy oh boy did he come through! And not only that, but his captions were so poignant, so moving, almost like Bergman at a crocquet tournament, that I'm posting them here unaltered for your edification:
Surprising lack of seersucker apparel on Senate floor yesterday:

After the gavel and while gathering to vote things looked promising

but it soon became apparent that SOME people hadn’t gotten the memo –

Those in the know were NOT amused

The good doctor was asked his opinion on the matter

and Secretary Chao’s husband said the lack of seersucker denoted an alarming trend in American culture, and he would be no part of it

Senator Judd “Dread” Gregg concurred

One senator said he had worn seersucker before wearing plain blue

And they gaveled out with nothing concluded

It's all just so moving... so tragic. You're a peach, Fritz!

OMG, and I almost forgot! They were also talking about Iraq 'n' Katrina 'n' stuff.


sleepyinsaudi said...

"like Bergman at a crocquet tournament."


I laughed Diet Coke outta my nose.

dusty said...

I love the Kerry snark :)