Friday, June 16, 2006

General Punaro is Ready for His Close-Up

In addition to the Seersucker extravaganza below, Pony Pal Fritz also sent along the above photos, the result, apparently, of a tragic "makeover-mugging" suffered by the retired general on the way to his hearing. You know, those Republicans are totally right: DC is really way, WAY more dangerous than Iraq, because in Baghdad you never have to worry about the nefarious Mary Kay insurgency, waiting to leap out of the bushes and abduct innocent retired military personel, subjecting them to cruel cosmetic treatments before dumping them back, mortified, at the Rayburn Office Building.

Oh! The humanity!


Karl said...

Um, I don't think any makeover mugging was involved. That's obviously Big Gay Al from South Park. and I reckon he does his own makeup, thank yew.

Lulu Maude said...

Naw... he was freshened up by an off duty mortician. So nice to have a live one to work on now and then.. you can lose the yellow ochre pancake.

Old Sow said...


THIS is what the National Guard and Reserves have for a booster?

Does Gone To Seed have a meaning here?

Oh the futility!

Karen Zipdrive said...

So, there is such a thing as applying too much blush.

Anonymous said...

Did he drink too much, alcohol can cause rosy cheeks.