Saturday, December 03, 2011

Chicks Dig Herman Cain

I was very amused by this report at Mediasnack™ and this feature at the Atlantic about the new "Women for Cain" website's use of the hilariously generic stock photo seen in the thumbnail at left. Stock photo spotting has become something of a sport on the internets!

So I visited Women for Cain, and as many have already pointed out, it's a doozy, filled with heated female-bashing-female action. But where was the amusing stock photo? It was gone! The header just had "Women for [big blank space] Cain" on it. Now, today, as you can see, the space is filled with a picture of Herman Cain tightly gripping his tiny, smiling wife. (UPDATE: Jim Newell at Gawker documented the missing stock photo.)

So anyway, I was concerned. I'm sure Cain's team didn't let blog mockery of their stock photo intimidate them. They must have lost it! So as a service to the Cain Train, I've found some replacement stock photos of women giving Herman the ol' thumbs-up:

"We're having a pool party for Herman Cain"

"We're white. Not that that matters or anything, because it doesn't. But we love Herman Cain! And not just because he's black, because that doesn't matter either, honestly!"

"Speaking as your doctor, I recommend a good dose of Herman Cain!"

Two out of five Herman Cain supporters prefer pointy shoes!

"Who, me? I'm hitchhiking. Oh, and I LOVE Herman Cain!"

"This is how we share our mutual admiration for Herman Cain."

"I'm pregnant, and I keep a picture of Herman Cain tucked into my panties!"


Matthew Hubbard said...

Even though you gave us the link to the "Get on the Cain Train" video, the song I can't get out of my head is

HERE I AM! (bum-bum, BUM-BUM)

C'mon, sing along. You know the tune, no matter how cool you claim to be.

Fran said...

The post is great and Matty's comment... hahahahah!

I think that Herman and the missus were observing some kind of "DADT" policy, but that is no longer an option.

The "medias" - such bad people! Sex scandals are only good when they go after Dems, right?

TexasYankee said...

I nearly fell out of my chair with that last photo! Great one PSP!!

Lulu Maude said...

Girls Gone Wild over Herman Cain!

It's too bad Jenna Bush went and got herself married... she could be throwing beers on her bar buddies and shrieking, "Her-MUNN!"

Matthew Hubbard said...

The website has changed this evening. The picture now is Herman and his wife Gloria, who some mean people in the media say he hardly ever sees.

Not unlike Bill and Hillary! We know how well that has worked.

xenides said...

If Herman Cain revives his campaign, will he be called Novo-Cain? He's certainly shown he likes to do some drilling in the chair.

Civic Center said...

Your use of stock photography and the Herman Cain is some kind of brilliant. So is Glori contemplating the popcorn maker.

samael7 said...

Speaking slightly tangentially, medical-themed stock photos are an abomination and the worst kind of visual chicanery. It's the real-life evil equivalent of Wile E. Coyote painting a fake tunnel on a rock.

Even pictures of pregnant ladies in their underthings fail to evoke the same level of revulsion as when I see a fake doctor (usually non-caucasian or female, "because we're diverse") with a fake patient (usually Generic Model Senior Citizen) offering fake advice and/or reassurance with a fake smile full of fake sympathy. I want to rub the lies off with pumice and sand.

Pregnant ladies with headshots of Herman Cain, though . . . the world isn't full enough of such things.