Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Shelf: 16 Magazine Vol. 11 #12, May 1970, Part Two

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See part one here. (UPDATE: part three is here.) 16's superfab May ish continues, above, with... wait, who and who? Oh, right, Dark Shadows.Lots of Dark Shadows exploitation in this issue. David Selby went on to be a busy, successful character actor, probably best remembered as the star of Falcon Crest. He was recently in The Social Network and Mad Men. Christopher Pennock has also done steady if undistinguished TV work.

Below, not so happy endings for the Cowsills. Barry, below right, died gruesomely in Hurricane Katrina. John, below left, is a touring musician for oldies groups:

The poor Cowsills. They had a pretty good run and then were cruelly eclipsed by a Cowsills ripoff, the Partridge Family, all because they didn't want to pretend that Shirley Jones was their mother. Below left, Bob is a software salesman and trainer today. Paul, below right, is a construction worker:

More Dark Shadows stuff. Some DS fan is going to be thrilled to one day stumble upon this:

The "LO down," gossip 'n' such. This is a fairly dull page with one exception, the "introducing the Jackson Five" item:

20-year-old Kurt Russell! Fresh off the triumph of The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes! On the left is Jon Provost, Lassie's best friend, and his career was just about over. He predicts correctly that if Kurt were ever to direct a movie, it would be a Western (Russell co-directed Tombstone):

This issue of 16 is full of early mentions of stars who would end up dominating their pages within a year. The Osmonds seem to be pretty new below:

The Brady Bunch was less than a year old when the below was published. The Brady Kids would be featured endlessly in issues to come:

Stay tuned for more Dark Shadows, more Bobby Sherman, more grooviness in the third and final part to come!


Diane Griffin said...

The Cowsills had some pretty great songs. Susan's still at it.

Matthew Hubbard said...

Bridget Hanley and Peggy Lipton are feuding! At least according to some yucky mag.

I love yucky mags.

Peteykins said...

Whenever you see "yucky mag," think "Tiger Beat."

Frank said...

Wow, I have no idea who the Cowsills are, but what shitty luck! Their mother obviously didn't take care of the money very well, and poor Barry!

My mother loved Dark Shadows when she was younger. Maybe I'll show this to her.

J5Collector said...

The Cowsills probably would have hated being on "The Partridge Family" as much as David Cassidy did. But at least Susie could play the tambourine.

Don said...

WOW! Dark Shadows, Jethro Tull, the Jackson 5, the Cowsills, it's all so darn Dreamy! Thank you for reminding me what I was interested in during puberty!

Just recently found your blog and love it! Thank you for writing it!

samael7 said...

"Best new group" for Jethro Tull? Heh, that's kinda cool.

That and "THE BEE GEES have broken up for good." Hehehe, mais non! And little Andy Gibb. He'll look a lot more like Barry in a few years. I had to make sure I had the names straight with those faces.

Bob Cowsill looks so much like a friend of mine. Same eyes and brows.

It's also interesting to see the first-run end of the Beatles. That's the May 1970 episode? Yeah, that was the year of swan songs for more than just Bobby Sherman's career.

On the other hand, four months after this issue, I'll be singing whatever the opposite of a swan song is. Probably very loud crying.

Peteykins said...

Oh, right, the Bee Gees thing is hilarious.

Lulu Maude said...

Wholesome fun!

They should have renamed it 11, though.

Cranky Old Batt said...

My boss just walked by to see what I was OMG-ing at. I think we are both traumatized now.

(We're old, ok?)

Anne Marie said...

I was watching Turner Classic Movies the other day and I saw this movie So Big


Turns out Jon Provost (Lassie kid #2), Tommy Rettig (Lassie kid #1) AND Ken Osmond (later famous as Leave it to Beaver's Eddie Haskell)
were ALL in it.

Is that not the most mind bending super groovy keen out of site thing EVER??

You can imagine I had TONS to write in my diary THAT day.