Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fashion Victim: Bionic Woman Shirt, Ca. 1976

Click both for bigger.

This is a strange shirt. It's a short-sleeved polo shirt made from what appears to be a thin cotton/poly blend. There is no label, which leads me to believe it's either homemade or maybe was created in-house at Universal. I love the callousness with which the pocket was just carelessly smacked on without a care in the world for matching the pattern.

One peculiar thing about the graphic is that the background pattern features the official art with Lindsey Wagner, but the vignettes don't resemble her even slightly.  This leads me to date the shirt pretty confidently to 1976, possibly before the show aired and definitely before Wagner was more established as the character.

What's really puzzling is this: if this is a homemade shirt, that means somebody actually manufactured and marketed this fabric! It's not bed sheet material, so its purpose is a little baffling. That's what makes me think it may have been made within the studio. It's hard to imagine there being much of a market for this material. Weird!

Here's another view of the pattern:

Side note: obviously I fixed my scanner! I have an old Microtek model, and they totally abandoned Mac support for the last few years, so the software got increasingly buggy with each Mac OS upgrade. Finally, recently, I installed Adobe CS5 and it somehow totally broke what was left of the terrible Microtek software. I thought I was going to have to buy a new scanner, which infuriated me since nothing was wrong with the old one. Luckily a coworker knew the solution: Vuescan to the rescue! I owe you big time, David.


Matthew Hubbard said...

Ooh! I'm the first non-Chinese, non-spammer comment! I feel special.

There is nothing so helpful in all this world as a helpful nerd, and of course I mean this as a compliment to your co-worker David.

Nixie Bunny said...

Yeah, Vuescan does quite well with older scanners. I used it for years on my 20-year-old HP scanner.

Christopher said...

I even use Vuescan for new scanners. It goes above and beyond any functionality built into most scanner software. Good choice.

And very weird shirt.

Padre Mickey said...

I think this pattern is more jammies than shirt!

samael7 said...

I love this shirt. She's runs! She's jumps! She . . . plays lacross? Gladitorial Cage Matches? I can't tell what the activity is on the bottom of the second picture.

I don't really mind.

I had some game or something or other back then of the Six Million Dollar Man and some associated Bionic Woman merchandise. The art with the ear-target I remember quite well from the box.

rdale said...

I knew I loved PSP for more than just your sparkling wit and great tour bus blogging! Now I have you to thank for Vuescan too. I was about to give up on my HP scanner because Vista turned its nose up at it, and now it works again. Thanks, PSP!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Too bad the textile designer didn't envision the Bionic Woman needing a Sleep Number bed after years of taxing stuntwork.