Friday, April 02, 2010

PSP Efforts To Make Surroundings More Fabulous Started Early

I took the above snapshot in about 1975, I'm guessing. That's Violet, our beloved German Shepherd, wearing a wig. Looks like it was the early stages of Xmas madness!

I still have that great chair, circa 1956, thoughtfully reupholstered for me by my parents several years ago as a surprise gift. Earlier, the dogs had taken over that chair and its mate, leading us to refer to them as the "tick chairs," because if you dared to sit in them you'd pick up parasitic hitchhikers (Ew! Ew! Ew!). I wish I had that lamp in the background.

Happy Friday!


Fran said...

My first reaction was - "Oh that chair!"

So glad that it is tick-free and in your possession; it is fab.

Cute dog!

Shawn said...

But what happened to the wig?

Anonymous said...

The wig was his brothers and was used for The "werewolf girlscout"
halloween costume. It then disapeared into the either.

Jason Zenobia said...

I love that Violet looks slightly reproachful in this picture, and the washed out colors make me think of the gentler days of yesteryear when all we had to worry about was whether Gerald Ford would smack his head again.

Peteykins said...

Violet was such a lovely, mellow dog. My memory is that she was just completely unfazed by the wig, utterly relaxed in the tick chair.

I think this photo always had that washed-out look, thanks to the brutal instamatic flash. I don't think it's faded appreciably. Those walls were really, really orange and the chair was olive-colored.

John said...

This photograph is the most wonderful thing I have seen all weekend.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Aww. A boy and his dog.
And her wig.
John Waters ain't got nuthin' on you.