Monday, April 05, 2010

Good Work If You Can Get It

Last week was terrible for our beloved Michael Steele, getting heat from all sides for inappropriate expenditures and for being a doofus. There's nothing he can do about being a doofus (that condition is permanent), but surely he can hire somebody to help him spend his money more wisely? Take it away Washington Post:

Neil S. Alpert, whom the District fined three years ago for improperly spending money from a political action committee he chaired, has been hired by the Republican National Committee to help with its fundraising.

Alpert, whose new role was reported Sunday by AOL's Politics Daily, will serve as a special assistant for finance to RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele.

I report these things only because it's easier than making them up.

UPDATE: More on Mr. Alpert here, including the wonderful phrase "a welter of nausea."


Diane Griffin said...

Well, I definitely feel reassured. :D

bondwooley said...

Understanding Michael Steele is a little easier when you find out who's coaching him:

Scroll to 0:48 of this satire vid for the answer

samael7 said...

To paraphrase something from your previous post, "Once you realize that Neil Alpert is the real thing, a real dyed-in-the-wool grifting, financially-dodgy, white-collar criminal, not just playing one on TV, then it will hardly be surprising when he behaves like one."

I await things all falling into place. Eagerly.

Matthew Hubbard said...

Is there some way for us non-Republicans to FORCE the RNC to keep Michael Steele? Could we start a Facebook page or something?

I've seen speculation that he is a Democratic double agent, but I don't think there's anyone smart enough on the Dem side to come up with someone as wonderful as Michael Steele. So many bone-headed plays and so much wounded innocence, it's like what performance art aspires to be.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Steele, in all his off-the-chain, hip-hop dawg wisdom, was very savvy to spend some GOP dough at that S&M whore/stripper bondage & discipline club.
I mean, honestly, it was refreshing to discover they can be so much more than just closeted gay chicken hawks and glory hole patrons.
I'll even go you one better.
For the right price, I'd gladly don a leopard print rubber catsuit and whip the shit out of Steele's naughty ass.