Friday, March 12, 2010

Hairdressers and Fetuses Will Destroy The Teabaggers, Continued

Screen grab from John Waters' Pecker.

Last month I wrote about how the Tea Party™ movement was going to tear itself apart when forced to contend with the "social issues" so important to the nutty Christians, issues which they currently ignore altogether.

Well, sure enough, push is coming to shove, as demonstrated by this long article at Politico about how the Christianists are upset with the Libertarian-type teabaggers for ignoring "their" issues, while the Libertarians are nervous that those very issues will sink them:

There’s no centralized tea party organization, and anecdotes suggest that many tea party participants hold socially conservative views. But those views have been little in evidence at movement gatherings or in public statements, and are sometimes deliberately excluded from the political agenda. The groups coordinating them eschew social issues, and a new Contract From America, has become an article of concern on the social right.

The contract, sponsored by the grass-roots Tea Party Patriots as well as Washington groups such as FreedomWorks and Americans for Tax Reform, asks supporters to choose the 10 most important issues from a menu of 21 choices that makes no mention of socially conservative priorities such as gay marriage and abortion.

“They’re free to do it, but they can’t say [the contract] represents America,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a veteran of the Christian right. “If they do it they’re lying.”

Groups such as FreedomWorks, said Perkins, bring a libertarian bias that doesn’t represent the “true Tea Parties.” Brendan Steinhauser, the director of federal and state campaigns at FreedomWorks, responded that the contract represents activists’ priorities.

It's easy to see where this is heading: take on the queers and the unborn, alienate the Ayn Rand fans; ignore the fags 'n' fetuses, lose the fundamentalists.

Can't they all just get along? Ha, no.


Diane Griffin said...

The teabaggers are idiots, but they're the force behind the opposition party right now. The opposition party is getting lots of boosting from the corporate media. I wonder how disappointed, frustrated, shocked, whatever we will be come November 3.

Anonymous said...

Elections are fast becoming a ruse for big money and mob rule with the latter being the preferred tool of big money. Be it ever thus though now it happens more quickly and on a larger scale than in the past. Teabaggers and "Christians" aka 'nutty christians' combine nicely with racism to create the current mobs of choice so ably described by our favorite photoblogger.

Anne said...

"A loose congeries of unlike minds" according to Jonathan Raban in this interesting eye-witness report in NYRB.

Lulu Maude said...

Please pass the chaos.

samael7 said...

"It's like watching a scorpion fight a nettle: someone's going to get stung, and you just don't care who."

Matthew Hubbard said...

And there's the Meskins. You gotta get just the right level of hatin' on Meskins, or everything else falls apart.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Meskins, sure but don't forget the Afroamericans. Or even worser, the half breed Mesfroamericans.

Lazy Media said...

As stupid and/or racist as the teabaggers are, they have an issue that resonates, namely the INSANE size of the deficit and debt. Not that they have a solution, but they're gonna get votes just because of the size of the problem. See Ross Perot.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The deficit is like a leaky roof.
If it's not addressed and resolved when it's small, it costs more and more the longer it goes unrepaired.
The D's left a surplus, the GOP ran it up to an ungodly amount, now the D's have a fucked up mess that requires even more money to fix.

Peteykins said...

Republicans only care about deficits when they're not in power.