Sunday, January 17, 2010

Book Shelf: GQ Scene Magazine, Fall 1967, Part 5

Here's the rest of Esquire's 1967 GQ Scene magazine for teens. Most of this is article continuations, but there's a classic Frank Zappa guitar ad and some appalling fashions.

First, an article on learning to drive written in a kind of forced "hip" style:

A good article on freedom of the press for teens:

Great psychedelic design for a terrible fashion spread. Dig the glasses:

Article on how the music charts work continues, and Frank Zappa's classic Hagstrom ad:

Another guitar ad and the endless profile of the horrible Buckinghams continues:

GQ Scene's guide to where to shop:

God, seriously, this article on the Buckinghams never ends:

Article on filmmaking continues:

Peter Fonda profile continues:

Karate article continues:

Driving test article concludes; underground press article continues:

Inside back cover ad for great looking shoes and facing ad for surfwear:

And, finally, the back cover:

Phew! The next magazine I scan probably won't be this long, but I hope you've enjoyed it. Overall, I think this is a top notch magazine considering the time and market: it's not dumbed down; it's got excellent writers and a slick staff.

I'll post some magazines for teen girls, too, from slightly later. Tiger Beat. They're not nearly as highbrow as GQ Scene, but they're a lot more fun.

Recap: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five.


hughman said...

god that is the lamest/oddest shop guide ever. where are these readers and do none of them live in major urban areas?

samael7 said...

Thanks for the groovy scans, man! Seriously, what a great thing to share.