Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Singapore Swings

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, right, is greeted by Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo upon arrival for a dinner reception during the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum (ARF) in Singapore Wednesday, July 23, 2008. (AP Photo/Roslan Rahman, Pool)

OK, I was trying to figure out what Condi's doing in Singapore other than the dinner parties and the dressing up, but every time I tried to read about it, I fell asleep. It's something about ASEAN? Huh? OMG, so boring. I like that she stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel! Very nice! And the meeting? It was good, no surprises:

SECRETARY RICE: Look, it was a good meeting, no surprises.

That's the spirit, Condi! If you're going to reach for the stars, reach for the lowest one you can grab! Also, as much as we've criticized America's Princess Diplobot for her fashion mishaps, let's give her some credit here for the lovely, lemony silk suit and her perfectly matched Manolos and discrete clutch. She's still occasionally got it! I also enjoyed this pose:


And to top it all off, an absolutely superb matching armchairs photo-op with Singapore's Foreign Minister:


So I'd say that with the meaningless agreements agreed upon, the outfits lovely and the matching armchairs achieved, we can call this trip an unequivocal success! Hooray for Condi!


Anonymous said...

Don't you worry your pretty little head about ASEAN princess.

The US is not a member and Condi was only there to observe.
And to be observed.

And yes, matching armchairs. Imagine that! A scripted photo-op!
Outrageous! The gall of it all!

Anonymous said...

Gonna kinda miss this old dyke douchbag when she faalls into obscurity in a few months.....NOT!

Peteykins said...

I complimented the photo-op! Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Well played, Anonymous(es)....NOT!

To jump to my sparkily liege-ess's defense, I will suggest you read back a few months to get a sense of the sensibility here.

And Anon 2.0 - like Borat you have mastered that highest form of comedy. "This suit is blacknot."

All said with a big :-) to you both!

Princess, glad to see that Condi was appropriately dressed in regal shades for the AZN conference. Too bad there's no chance of getting a shot with her and the allegedly (in a bad, career-killing way) befeathered Malaysian opposition dude, Anwar Ibrahim.

jterry said...

Thanks for the update, PSP. Condi coverage has been a little light lately, and I sometimes forget she's still employed.

wxhead said...

I love the body language in the matching armchairs pic. The SFM looks ready for some CondiBot lovin', while the Bot has the "Closed for business" sign up.

Matthew Hubbard said...

I'm with wxhead on the PM's body language.

"Hey, this lap's open, baby! Open for business! Got an open lap right here!"

Is that first outfit lemon-y or lime-y? If we call the second outfit orange instead of apricot, then all she needs is a raspberry ensemble and she could complete the Trix trifecta.

Silly Condi.

Anonymous said...

That lovely hotel is setting back us taxpayers more than $400 per day.
If we aren't members of ASEAN, why is she there?
I think it's pretty creepy that we are picking up the tab for photos she may or may not use in her memoir, "Sucking Bush."

Anonymous said...

I think "Dr" Rice is lobbying for a job as a stewardess for Malayasian Airlines.

She would be perfect for the job, given her background as a failed ice skater, failed pianist, failed academic, and failed Secretary of State.

And just think: as a stewardess, she would be out of the country for much of the time!

samael7 said...

Props once again for the Asian love of symmetry. I'm especially taken with the (jade?) vase in the background. The Dalek-bumps-like stand it's on is likewise compelling. Overall, the vase's soft contours providing a gentle balance to the tableau, contrasted by the -- what are those, tea lights? -- on the table at knee level to the diplomats.

The carpet's a bit of a puzzler, though. The touch of blue is a nice flourish. However, the pattern seems irregular, at odds with the careful placement of everythign else.

Except of course for the single translator/notes-taker. Throws the whole thing off-balance. Off with her head!

dguzman said...

MattyBoy spotted the Trix trifecta of suit shades, and then an Anon gave us the superfecta of "failed ice skater, failed pianist, failed academic, and failed Secretary of State." BINGO!

Anonymous said...

The outfit that she wore in Perth, Australia, today. How would it be classified?

Distributorcap said...


you should do a whole slide show on the cross leg positions of the Condibot

she has many many to show off

zoe said...

She just cannot seem to get enough of those fucking Manolos. Hasn't she heard about rotating shoes? What a waste of a human being.

Anonymous said...

Condi[bot] went on a shopping spree in New Zealand (in her hotel room).

Here's a video of the designer describing her interaction with Rice.