Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quickie: Condi Who?

From Al Kamen's column today:

"The latest Rice visit, her fifth this year, generated little attention in Israel. While her visits were once front-page news, neither of Israel's two mass-circulation dailies carried stories on the subject Monday."

Also forgetting to "report" on the trip: Princess Sparkle Pony!


Diane Griffin said...

So, I guess she's all set to be McCain's veep?

Fran said...

Well - being as you work in a "den o' porn" which is well illustrated below, your mind sharp as it is, must wander from time to time.

Deep sigh. That sounds insincere, doesn't it? Maybe it is.

Who knew that this day would come-
Condi has become completely irrelavant now.

Anonymous said...

This PSP fan's obsession, long-felt, continues: when "Dr" Rice finally disappears into the sunset (or will it be, more appropriately, into one of the minor circles of hell, known to some as right-wing "academic" havens in California), what will happen to PSP's blog?

After all, we Pony admirers know down deep that "Madam Secretary" (who, if she had any conscience or probity, would be teaching high-school piano somewhere in the heartland, assuming that her qualifications were adequate) was just an excuse for PSP to observe, so wisely, the decaying state of the late-Roman (sorry, I meant Bush!) empire.

dguzman said...

I guess the Israelis have finally realized that LeCondel is only worth a weak "meh."

What did Condi even DO in Israel? Sample the cuisine? Visit a few holy places?

When the media spotlight dims, will LeCondel cease to exist?

Matthew Hubbard said...

To be fair to you, Princess, you did report on your lack of reporting, so that must be some kind of meta-reporting or meta-meta-reporting. These self-referential things are like time travel paradoxes. They just make my head hurt.

But a PSP Condi update without a photo is correctly counted as not actual reporting. Thank God for porn or this week might be a total washout!

Anonymous said...

Matty, your last sentence basically summed up my entire existence. You're giving me chills over here!

Anonymous said...

Israel is like, "Again she's coming for a visit? Oy gevalt, always wanting to eat and never bringing so much as a nice marbled rye or a bottle of Mogen David."

Anonymous said...

a gift for PSP at

Anonymous said...

1st visit: Tzipi prepares for state banquet to welcome Condi.

2nd visit: Hello again, we can have dinner after touring the holy sites.

3rd visit: Oh, hello there. I need to visit a bombed site but we can have a quick lunch.

4th visit: Er, hi. Sorry I can't stay for long. I have to check on Iran's A-bomb.

5th visit: ??? We have to work, you know.

6th visit: Alright! Alright! Call Hamas and Hezbollah already, stage a peace treaty or something. Anything.

Distributorcap said...

now if she was shoe shopping in the gazs