Thursday, June 26, 2008

Japan Welcomes Condi!

A protester wearing a mask of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice walks past police officers in Kyoto, western Japan, where foreign ministers from top industrialized countries open two-day meeting Thursday, June 26, 2008. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

So cute! So creative! So... Condilicious:

(Reuters, 06/25/08)


Anonymous said...,0,7105516.column

From the Los Angeles Times

A new Condi, but who cares? Rice's new philosophy on foreign policy could have come from a Democrat, but Bush probably isn't listening.

by Rosa Brooks

Matthew Hubbard said...

Condilicious! Princess, do you have any idea of how many Pony Pals™ there are in the Land of the Rising Sun? I ask this because that sign must have been written Under the Influence of everybody's favorite underage royalty.

dguzman said...

How could they misinterpret the motives of Dr. Shoes so cruelly? I'm sure she's probably holed up in her luxury suite, crying her eyes out in Randy Bean's arms, and asking over and over again: "Why?! Why don't they like me!? Why?!"

If that whole image weren't so damned funny, I might feel sorry for her right now.

Anonymous said...

Man! You gotta really be bad to piss off the usually docile, conformist Japanese.
Besides, why's she even there? She and her boy Bush blew off the Kyoto protocol about seven years ago.

Here's a fun quiz:
Name Bush's EPA secretary.

Nope, I couldn't either.

section9 said...

Actually, we're reasonably popular in Japan. Back in the Day, during the Johnson Administration, you could get a huge Antiwar Demo going where a thousand Tokyo University Students would line up in snake formation to try and break through police lines.

A couple of cranks turning out with Condi masks is like the local Meet-N-Greet for the Code Pink chapter in Valdosta, Georgia. That is, not much to write home about. This dime store protest ain't exactly knock em' dead like Godzilla did back in 1954.

You'd need Raymond Burr for that.

Come on, Princess. You were much better up on Wonkette, today. You had that spectacular celebration of Condi's upcoming trip to the Alps! If your going to traffic in snark, make it good snark.

Fran said...

What Karenzipdrive said...

I mean, you have to really work it to get that kind of response from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sue J said...

I notice the protesters are using images with the "old" Condi 'Do.

Any significance to that, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Sue...FYI, the old Condi 'do is the one that appears in her official State Dept photographs, despite efforts by the Sparkle Underground to replace the photos by those of Condi as a KISS performer photoshopped by PSP.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Condi suck-ups always anonymous?
Come on Karl Rove, just post under your own name.

Diane Griffin said...

mmmm... pie...

zoe said...

Anonymous wasn't Karl Rove. It was Randy Bean. Her one, truely only supporter.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. The japanese have a pretty strong and active protest culture. Sure, they are no Korea, and the protests are all very orderly (of course). Don't believe what you've been led to believe by American media. They particularly don't like being "a little America" and like most socialist countries, regularly protest the government.

Now there is a little issue where you aren't really expected (or allowed) to have a political opinion under the age of 30. So it's a lot of middle aged protesters.