Monday, May 19, 2008

All That was Missing was Reverand Moon to Marry Them All

Happy Monday! You may have noticed that I haven't really written much about the whole elections thingy. It turns out we'll be electing a new president! Anyway, the shot above, from this morning's Washington Post shows that, indeed, 75,000 people really did show up to view the Obama yesterday. If ever there were truly a death knell for Hillary, this was it. So, um... keep your fingers crossed that we're making the right choice, because it's too late to go crawling back to Bill Richardson now!

In other news, there will be no Condi Roundup at Wonkette today. Take a look back over the last week here and you'll see why: she was just too boring and irrelevant again, and I didn't get a chance to make amusing Photoshopped pictures to flesh things out. She's coasting, and I guess I better get used to that and plan accordingly.

So what's on the Condimenu for the next few weeks? Well, she's going to Sweden and Iceland, but it's for Iraq stuff with the UN, not to meet with Bjork. It was also announced that she'll be heading to Aspen in August to play the piano! Neato, Condi!


Anonymous said...

That's been my concern all along; when "Dr" Rice is finally gone, what will happen to the wonderful PSP blog? It certainly will be remembered more than a provincial petite bourgeoise serving an adolescent frat boy who should never have left Animal House.

Diane Griffin said...

Lord bless you for believeing there will be a new President. You know Iran wants to attack us with nuclear weapons, and that the only person who can save us from this terrible potential future idle threat is our current idle threat, George II.

Hope you're right though.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's quite a crowd for Obama.
Okay, okay, I give up.
Perhaps it is time for Hillary to get a clue.

Diane Griffin said...

btw -- I love the condipic with the aspen article! eek!

Anonymous said...

After hearing a bit on NPR this weekend about how the next handful of years will feel a lot like the mid-late 70s economy-wise, I am starting to get concerned that the GOP might Carterize Obama (also because so far they don't have the dirt on him to Whitewater him).

Which leads me to further worry that in four years we will be looking at the next Reagan Revolution, except this time we won't get anyone so dapper and semi-honorable as Reagan. More likely a Huckabee or Jeb Bush or some such a thing set up as the next Bush-Nixonian presidential puppet.

So, fingers are crossed super hard, I like Obama but I do worry so!

Anonymous said...

Madduane - with the risk of acting like a lifeform only slightly higher than a spelling troll, and with recognition that your ordinal attribution of our current pResident is a fairly commonly-held belief, I would like to point out that he is actually George III. George I was the wooden-teeth/cherry-tree one from days of Yore.

/lordy I feel like a total geek now

libhom said...

The joke about Rev. Moon reminds me of the silliest Clinton campaign talking point, that Obama's supporters are part of some kind of cult or something.

In a functioning democracy like those that can be found in many other countries, people show far more enthusiasm for candidates than Obama supporters do here in the US.

Anonymous said...

Drew in sf, I am an Obama supporter and I also worry about his run for President and McCain's probable win. Hillary would have been ok too, however, I would have the same worry.

PSP, it is probably a good thing for "diplomacy" under this administration that Dr. Rice is coasting. I am glad that she is leaving politics (I hope), not because I don't like her, but because I think she needs to reconnect with and/or find herself and think about what this administration did not stand for--democracy & diplomacy.

I hear Dr. Rice is a very good pianist--certainly a better pianist than a diplomat.

Madduane, I am told that Dr. Rice has aged well over the past 7 1/2 years, but not as well as is portrayed in photos (perhaps that are photoshopped). A colleague who had lunch with her early this year says she looks much older and less attractive than he remembers her 7 years ago. Who wouldn't age in this type of job? She certainly is photo- and telegenic.

Lulu Maude said...

We're of the opinion that Condi is only good at memorizing stuff. She's lost without a script or a score.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I am not so much worried about a McCain win in 2008, as I am in hardcore dirty politics between now and 2012 that would lead to a further denigration of progressive politics in general (remember the "liberal is a dirty word" attitude? It took hold of the American political landscape with Reaganism) and Obama in specific, and a faux-conservative 'revolution' that would be even more damaging in the long run than the current administration has been.

Anonymous said...

For Lulu:

Regarding Rice’s inability to go “beyond” herself and her icicle-like world -- the words of Theodor Lichtmann, her piano teacher at the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, are pertinent:

"To be a musician, you have to make someone else’s thoughts and emotions your own. This is the same in music as in acting or dancing. I don’t think she [Rice] has that interest or inclination; particularly, taking someone’s emotions, experiencing them, tearing them down, and building them back up. You have to be willing to be misunderstood, to be ignored."

Mrcus Mabry, "Twice as Good; COndoleezza Rice and her Path to Power,". p. 74.

Anonymous said...

The thing about the GOP Carterizing Obama over economic difficulties is all too real for me.
That's one of the reasons I wanted Hillary to get in. She could avail herself of Bill Clinton's economic advisors; the same ones who pulled America out of the mess Reagan left us with.
Can Obama pull off the same miracle? We have no way of predicting that.

Jun Okumura said...

I'm sure that the Clinton advisors will be more than happy to sign on with an Obama campaign/administration.

Anonymous said...

karenzipdrive wonders if Obama can pull off the same "miracle" that Bill Clinton did.

Do you mean you wonder if Obama can be president during the Dot com bubble?

I'm sure if someone invents more internets or perhaps actually gets us into Green energy, its possible.

Bill wouldn't have "saved" us if it hadn't been for the internet and dot com explosion.

I admit that Bill did manage the financial situation instead of squandering it.