Monday, April 14, 2008

Your Weekly Roundup Awaits

Oh, hey! Hi there, Americablog readers! My goodness, there are a lot of you! You'll all want to head over to Wonkette to see my weekly Condi Roundup to start your week prepared, OK? OK!

Happy Monday!

EDIT: Whoopsie! Something about Wonkette being sold off by Gawker? Who knew (I didn't)? Fear not, however, for I have sworn a blood oath* to new owner Ken Layne and will continue "reporting" for Wonkette.

*Actually, it wasn't blood; it was Karo Syrup with pink food coloring. But's it's all I've got!


Karen Zipdrive said...

I used to real Americablog until the relentless pleas for donations and John Halitosis's orchid photos made me sick.
I love gay guys as long as they are fun and not those A-list wannabe, women hatin' kind.
Americablog jumped the shark when Halitosis proudly posed for a photo with GOP Satanist Katherine Harris of Florida.

Anonymous said...

Is this all you do in your life? talk about an asshole. You should put a diaper on your head to contain all the shit.

Anonymous said...

@anon: You must not do too much in your life if you check PSP's website. Talk about an asshole. You should put a diaper on your head to contain all the shit.

Diane Griffin said...

Hey everybody! Anonymous is arguing with himself!

Borges said...

I laughed so hard when I read this there were tears in my eyes. And that Americablog author is terrible, so much propaganda

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody! Anonymous is arguing with himself!

Hee! Well played Anonymous! To paraphrase a common comment at a hi-traffic speed blog, Name or GTFO!

Anonymous said...


I have no idea what this blog-talk is all about.

Sounds like a inter-office memorandum at the State Department ... or maybe GWB talking with "Dr" Rice or with that sinister zombie-hick-funeral director-with-his-US pin-flag-blue suit Hadley.

Can someone clarify in ordinary English what we all worry about:

What will happen to Princess Sparkle Pony's Blog?

Anonymous said...

And is the Combable Tail going to be entered in the equestrian events?

Matthew Hubbard said...

Princess! I realize you have to have content that will be Wonkette exclusives, but how could you not give your regular readers the Afghani paperweight? That was so impossibly important and made for this blog, its absence leaves me with a sadness beyond words.

Peteykins said...

Wait, what? This blog? This blog isn't part of anything, so it will remain its lovable, amateurish self.

And Matty, I apologize, but I didn't come across the paperweight photo until yesterday. The photo doesn't exactly jump out at you from the AP gallery view. Funny, though, eh?

Anonymous said...

A diaper on your head to contain all th...what?
That makes no sense.
Thank you anonymous for putting anonymous in his or her place.
My head hurts.

dguzman said...

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I get along- I do it by avoiding AmericaBlog. But I used to love it before I hated it.
So sue me, I'm an orchid hater.