Thursday, April 03, 2008

OMG This NATO Stuff is SO MUCH FUN!!

US President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice smile together during a session with invitees, at the NATO Summit conference in Bucharest, Thursday April 3, 2008. The NATO allies agreed to put off a plan to put Ukraine and Georgia on track to join the alliance, but did invite Albania and Croatia to become members.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Gosh, what could be more hilarious than a NATO meeting with Condi 'n' George? Besides cancer? Ha ha, but take a look at this photo, which seems to show a fight about to break out between La Secretary and Gordon Brown*:

(Pool photo by European Pressphoto Agency)

Alas, 'twas not to be, as other photos demonstrate the the above shot captures just a teensy split second where the politicians dropped their guards and allowed their true "emotions" to flicker ever-so-briefly across their facial features. They were otherwise as laughy and chatty as usual.

As for the summit, since George and, ew, Stephen Hadley were the leaders of the pack this time out, they actually accomplished something –their little missile defense thingy– despite Condi's presence. They didn't get NATO to invite Ukraine and Georgia to the party, though, so I guess since that part of the plan failed, it must have been Condi's baby. So why bother sending her at all? So that George can have fun! FUN:


*A table-clearing swish of the gorgeous, combable tail to Pony Pal Mike B. for alerting me to this one.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Those tiny bottles strewn all over in the top photo must be filled with vodker.

Anonymous said...

Menage a trois Alert:
Look how protective Laura is of George--that is, pulling him away from Condi at some black-tie NATO social thingy. Bush appears to want to be with his work wife instead of his home wife.

Fran said...

As opposed to Ursula, who can "turn the world on with her smile" in a very Mary Tyler Moore-ian fashion, Condi takes her own approach- who can turn the world OFF with her smile." is much more her style.

Death. Destruction. Levity.

It's Condi 'n George's world, we just rent a little space in it.

Anonymous said...

"Here's a good one, Mr. President. An Albanian and a Croat walk into a bar, demand NATO membership. LOL!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

I think they're laughing at laura.

Anonymous said...

She is stroking his elbow with her thumb. The body language is incredible. Like teenage lovers trying to hide the touching.

Anonymous said...

Pix no 1

I wonder what she's got her right hand on, right below the table...

Anonymous said...

It is so sad...she only seems happy and comfortable when she is close to Bush. She is one of the most self-centered, dishonorable, and revolting person I've ever seen in recent history.

How can a Black person embrace a monster like Bush after what he did (not) do for so many people that look like her during Hurricane Katrina? Yet she sits there grinning like a psychopath and cleaving to him like a bad perfume.

Doesn't she realize that Bush and his ilk hate her? Doesn't she understand that they are laughing at her self-hatred and incompetence behind her back? Doesn't she care that if it were feasible to send all Black folks to the ovens that Bush would have no qualms about loading her on the first bus?

I am sure that friend Denise McNair is so disappointed that this...jackal has cheapened the legacies of her and the other 16th St. Baptist church bombings to further her own ends.

And we in the Black community are supposed to be proud of this...person because she stated the obvious about American institutional racism last week? Even then, she addressed it poorly and insincerely. Ugh...just looking at her arouses so much anger, hatred, and disgust that it gives me heart palpitations!

Apologies for writing such a dour and angry post folks. I have just returned from a memorial commemorating the anniversary of Dr. King...and I was wondering what he would think of Condi were he still alive. I enjoy the blog despite occasional feelings of pure hatred toward the subject.

zoe said...

Anonymous: Thank you. Beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine that what these two hacks are congratulating themselves about is placing useless missiles in the heart of Europe...

But Condi feels good and proud. After all, arms "control" is one of her "specialities," so now she has actually "done" something -- militarizing the area between the European East and West where two World Wars started.

I hope history will not spare her and the regime she so dutifully serves (no one else will bother to pass real judgment on her).