Monday, April 14, 2008

Condi Puts Wooden Stake through the Undead Heart of Beneath the Valley of the Dawn of the Condi Veep Rumors

OK, come on, now. People have been tip-toeing through the tulips of Madame Secretary's emphatic denials and saying wistful things like "while leaving the door open..." while gazing listlessly out their office windows, visions of Hillary/Condi slap-fests dancing in their heads. It's over, folks. Condi had a really, really cutesy presser in Alabama today, and you just can't get much more definite than this:

QUESTION: Have you had any conversations recently with John McCain?

SECRETARY RICE: Not about anything having to do with his presidency. No, the only time I’ve talked to John recently was when we -- I had to call him and tell him that -- around that passport issue, that somebody had looked at his passport file. And he was typically great about it and sort of said things -- things happen.

John McCain is an amazing man. You know, I’ve spent a lot of time with him over the years. He’s a great intellect. He has a tremendous passion about this country. He’s a great hero. But I do not want to be, don’t intend to be, won’t be on his ticket.

Emphasis totally added! Yay!

Elsewhere in the interview? This made me shudder:

QUESTION: I wanted to ask you a question first that my 18-year-old daughter told me I had to ask. (Laughter.)

SECRETARY RICE: Yeah. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: She has your picture up on her bulletin board in her bedroom with Johnny Depp and a couple of rock bands and all this.

SECRETARY RICE: Keeping good company, I see. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: And she jokes that -- she goes to an academic magnet school here, and she -- they jokingly call it “The Nerd School.” (Laughter.) But what kind of message would you like to send to teenagers who look up to you as a role model?

Whoooah, there, Condi as role model? Now that's something worth talking about.


Mistress Cynica said...

A role model for shoe shopping, maybe.

Distributorcap said...

role model
how to lick a president's ass in 3 easy steps

Anonymous said...

She couldn't resist. She still left the door opened for running for political office in the future.

"...this country has a great reservoir of talent, and it can draw on that talent and I can go back to California and teach and write. And we'll see in a few years what I do. But I -- this is not the time for me."

Anonymous said...

Rice is not going to run for vice president. She's going to be too busy helping her lawyers prepare her defense for her war crime trial at the Hague. If she were elected vice president, she'd only be able to visit countries that don't extradite for war crimes. Not a lot of those around.

Anonymous said...

The Boring Stereotype is Dead!
Hot Messages to Sex Dancer Doom Condi's New Finnish Pal
By P. SAINATH (CounterPunch, April 14)

"Kanerva had not been foreign minister long when he was already being praised by the Finnish right wing as the country's best foreign minister ever. His 'social skills' are said to have brought a smile even to the scornful lips of Condi Rice, who was much more sour in her meetings with his predecessor Erkki Tuomioja. Poor Erkki was weaker on the social skills, though stronger on foreign policy issues."

dguzman said...

Oh my god, why hasn't this reporter called a priest for an exorcist? This kid is obviously possessed by Satan.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could belch on command.

Anonymous said...


�I was in college at the University of Denver trying to figure out my way in life and coming to the realization that if I stayed a music major I would end up playing at Nordstrom or perhaps at a piano bar ... and I tried courses in English literature, and State and local government. And I hated them all.�