Monday, October 01, 2007

Inadvisable Comparison

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is seated on stage beneath a school banner as she listens to introductory remarks during her visit to the Harriet Tubman School P.S. 154 in Harlem, New York, Monday Oct. 1, 2007. Congressman Charlie Rangel, D-NY, hosted the visit for Rice to observe the progress being made in improving academic performance through the leadership of Jarrett, according to an official statement. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Did you know that Harriet Tubman was a hairdresser? No, I mean a real hairdresser who dressed people's hair, not a hairdresser like I use the word on this blog? The more you know! She was also, of course, probably one of the ten greatest and bravest Americans of all time. And Condi? Well... um... she's fighting for whitey! Dr. Secretary should probably avoid sitting anywhere near depictions of Tubman lest bolts of lightning erupt from the portrait and incinerate her (nothing was left but her shoes!).

Also, one last indignity, this never, ever gets less funny:

Somebody needs to pull that little girl aside and explain a few things to her! Tsk!


Anonymous said...

Charlie Rangel is one sly fox - bet he arranged the seating. "And now, children, compare and contrast".

Anonymous said...

That portrait of Harriet Tubman was originally smiling. Condi sat down under it and the portrait morphed into a scowl.

Anonymous said...

Condi is indeed fighting for Whitey! And I have to agree with karenzipdrive, Harriet is not happy.

The children are our future, but someone needs to tell little black girls that Condi is NOT a role model. I mean look at that hair. That's nothing to aspire to.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Man, Harriet looks pissed. She's scowling at Condi. You can almost hear Tubman say, "I'm gonna slap that dumbass ho."

Matthew Hubbard said...

Honestly, you people! How could 5th grader Amy Sissoko possibly have an inspiration OTHER than Condi? Here she is, stuck in a school uniform all day, praying one day to be allowed to show a little style, and she's going to look to Harriet Tubman for inspiration? Harriet Tubman dressed like she was a slave or something!

Oh, wait... I just looked something up on Wikipedia... Oops, my bad.

Carry on with the snark.

dguzman said...

Condi looks positively tickled that some little black girl could EVER EVEN THINK of being like her. After all, Condi's white!

Oh wait... I just looked something else up on Wikipedia. Hmm. How 'bout that. Carry on.

n/a said...

But ain't she a woman?

samael7 said...

My eyes scanned the picture from the top down, so at first I thought I read "Harriet Miers" and I got very excited.

Then I saw the scowling Harriet Tubman and had a moment of severe cognitive dissonance.

True story: when I was in 4th grade, I was asked to read a short bio I'd written on Harriet Tubman over the PA system in my elementary school. It was part of an assignment given to me for Black History Week (yeah, "week" -- times were different, even then, in the South. Just sayin'.).

As nervous as I was, I only messed up one word, saying "staves" instead of "slaves." I corrected myself after the fact, but oy. Happily, my vocabulary was somewhat advanced beyond my peers, and no one noticed that I'd just called these no-longer-considered-property folks "sticks."

Mrs. Whittle was mercifully forgiving.

Matthew Hubbard said...

Dear Miss Betsy. The "Ain't I a Woman" sppech is Sojourner Truth, not Harriet Tubman.

Anonymous said...

I really should drop by here more often. Always good for a couple of chuckles and a hearty guffaw or two.
*Waves @ PSP* - Keep up the funny.

rbohemian said...

Oh, oh, PSP! Did you see this? (Gosh I hope the link works!)
Debra Cagan - VERY SCARY BUSHIE LADY. I'm dying to get your take on her hair and wardrobe choices. Please!

Peteykins said...

Debra Cagan is hideous.

There you go!

Anonymous said...

All I can say, re Debra & Condi -- they should go on a date together, maybe in a Baghdad street cafe outside the Green Zone.

Re Debra, also see

Anonymous said...

What does any of this have to do with being Secretary of State? Is the part of her day that involves being Secretary of State really so small that she has time for trips to Harlem Learning Centers with Charlie Rangel?

Anonymous said...

That Debron Cagan is one homely man!

Oh wait...

I just Wikipediaed him--she's a chick and it's Debra, not Debron.
Silly me.

Anonymous said...

Did the romance start then?

Rice visits USJFCOM

The Secretary of State came to U.S. Joint Forces Command to examine some of the work the command does while partnering with the governments and militaries of other nations around the world.

By Jennifer Colaizzi
USJFCOM Public Affairs

SUFFOLK, VA - Oct. 7, 2005) - The nation's top diplomat came to the command leading the transformation of the U.S. military today to learn more about the work the command does while working with other government agencies and other nations around the world.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) today to discuss the ways to create a stronger State Department/USJFCOM partnership and to examine the multinational work the command accomplishes on a daily basis. ...

Her visit to USJFCOM "shows the importance that USJFCOM plays on the international front," said Debra Cagan, political advisor for both SACT and USJFCOM.

"There are 39 countries represented at USJFCOM because they are all interested in integrating and becoming interoperable in transforming along with the U.S. military," said Cagan.

Anonymous said...

...then she grabbed a pickle from a quart jar using only her teeth."