Friday, September 14, 2007

Is This Mrs. Condi?

Ha! Probably not, because, alas, it's a fallen world. Read all about the latest revelations from Kessler's Condiography here!

I... just don't really know what to think!


Karen Zipdrive said...

I just knew Condi was a butch dom. She and 'Beto Gonzales seem to have the same taste in women, too.
"The Bush Administration: More Queers Than a Half Price Sale at Pottery Barn."

Alicia Morgan said...

that one should have come with a spew alert, karenzipdrive! Laptops aren't cheap!

It will be fascinating to see how this one unfolds.

Hypocrisy rules!

Anonymous said...

Lemme tell you, Miss Princess Pparkle Pony, you were the hit of my big sister's birthday party in San Antonio today- even my straight brother was all a twitter when I described the Rice and Bean arrangement- he and his wife agreed with my gay sister and me- this bean and rice situation smells like...well, I won't say it.


Anonymous said...

make that Sparkle, not Pparkle.

Civic Center said...

Though I find evil closet hairdressers quite repulsive, evil closet lesbians just scare the bejesus out of me and always have. In fact, I couldn't watch Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyk movies as a child.

And well, isn't it obvious?

Anonymous said...

sfmike- brilliant observation, my good man!
Those closet dykes scare the beejeebers outta me. Even as a tyke, I'd watch "Superman" and my baby dyke gaydar would go off when semi-attractive Lois Lane (Noel Neill)would appear on screen.
Ferragamos aside, Condi is about as closeted as it gets. So sad about the real estate records that revealed a financial arrangement that most -out- lesbians I know are reluctant to enter into.
Buying a house together is the ultimate lesbian rite of passage.
She's totally busted.

dguzman said...

Zip--insightful analysis, and so right on. Tsk, tsk, Condi--should've had those real estate records declared classified under executive privilege and all that.