Thursday, August 02, 2007

Condistaff Deals with Frustration, Boredom by Destroying Expensive Equipment

The Washington Post has one of those wonderfully pointless articles about Condi's travelling companions this morning, namely Carol Perez, Undersecretary of Frequent Flier Miles. Would you believe that flying all over the world looking for that perfect Ferragamo slingback is sometimes, like, totally hard? It's true! One paragraph fairly leaped into my waiting arms:

Perez, Rice's deputy executive secretary, is a career diplomat who has served in Spain and Italy. She takes care of every detail of the secretary of state's travels, from overseeing the small arsenal of weapons aboard the plane for the diplomatic security team to finding hotels on short notice that have 80 to 90 available rooms. Once, she carried two large satellite dishes into Iraq to conduct classified communications, only to have her aides drop the bigger and better one from a hotel rooftop.

Those kuhrayzee kids! Shenanigans! I bet they also found the television sets tossed in the swimming pool and INSERGINTZ SUXORS spray-painted on all the ice machines.


Anonymous said...


Did you see the below on Condi's bodyguard?

Peteykins said...

I did! Interesting article.

Matthew Hubbard said...

And when the satellite dish fell to the ground, shattering loudly into a bajillion useless pieces, Dr, Ferragamo walked up to the clumsy minions and said. "Well. This is why we can't have NICE things!"

Anonymous said...

Carol Perez: Scary lady.
Would not want to be the hapless fool who dropped that machine.

Anonymous said...

Carol Perez may be a little uptight because she worries that her little brother Perez Hilton will out her (not to mention Condi).