Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Forced Perspective

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley listen to proceedings during a meeting between President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in the Oval Office, June 19, 2007. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

This is really embarrassing, but sometimes one finds that one has perhaps... misrepresented... a certain public figure unfairly. That being the case, the above photo has forced me to issue the following correction:

In the past, I have referred to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as tiny yet perfectly formed. Clearly, Mr. Gates is itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yet perfectly formed.

Princess Sparkle Pony regrets the error.


Fran said...

He is so "yellow bikini"!

The market for miniature collectibles on eBay is going to get a boost.

Pardon the bad pun!

Anonymous said...


Is that what her breasts really look like sous her vĂȘtement?

Anonymous said...


Is that what Kondi's breasts really look like sous her vĂȘtement?

I hope your admirers -- I among them -- will allow this query to appear on your site, given how willingly "Dr" Rice exposes herself presque nue, e.g., in the State Dept gymn with her US tax-payer provided (are we really paying for this guy to "keep her in shape"?) trainer, all filmed on N-BEE-SEE TEE-VEE not long ago.

Lulu Maude said...

I'm so glad Anonymous brought it up... what's with the boobs? They look as if they've been shoved into a training bra.

Unbutton the jacket, Dr. F.

p.s. Is there such a thing as a Hadleybot?

Anonymous said...

Check out the mug on Stephen Hadley. Does he personify arrogance or what?
He's right out of central casting, playing Thurston Howell III to Bush's Gilligan and Dick's Skipper.
As for Condi, what's with the buttoning on her jacket? Tres unflattering to make a skinny girl look like she has muffin belly.

Jess Wundrun said...

If they are all covering their naughty bits then we know a few things.

Steve's are just about right, and he has the self-righteous gloating mug to prove it. Gates' is teensy-weensy and perfectly formed, yet freakishly attached just below the belly button.
And Condi's been forcing visitors to enter by the back door. (We had guessed that about GW since his admin leaves me feeling that way, without the benefit of chocolate or roses).

Fran said...

Bad case of TBS.


Anonymous said...

I have to say this is just about the scariest picture ever. All of them look like the cardboard cutouts one sees in movie theater, leading me to believe they are nothing more than movie act--wait, wait, no, that administration left almost 20 years ago.

Or maybe they all are game pieces. What was the lovely '60s/'70s game where you marched cardboard cutout characters around the board? They were tiny yet, well, you know.

What is up with these freakish peeps?!??

Toriko said...

I don't know much about fashion (read next to nothing). My idea of a nice outfit is the clean pair of jeans... but even -I- know she shouldn't be wearing horizontal stripes.

Anonymous said...

PSP, sorry for the somewhat off-topic, delete if you must, but I was eating lunch at a deli this afternoon when I looked up to see Condi on the television. There was no closed-captioning, and the sound was either muted or turned too low to hear, so I couldn't get much information, but I'm almost certain that I could see evidence of The Flip. It was just...hovering there, there at the nape of her neck.

I don't know if I was perhaps daydreaming, because it sounds just oh-so-good to be true, but please keep your eyes open, Princess.

And regarding the on-topic picture, I always wonder exactly what is happening to make them all pose in that manner. It's as if Condoleezza just lost a game of Simon Says.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

The important thing is you have grown as a person by admitting how horridly wrong you were. Now it's off to bed with no supper for you Princess. Go on, shoo.

Matthew Hubbard said...

I hate for people to think that I see everything through the focus of my odd fetish, but if a woman in one of the movies for My People And Our Agenda had a jacket that fit like that, it would be because she was about to grow out of her clothes, possibly also bursting the confines of the room.

The reason I hate to bring this up is because this scenario does absolutely nothing for me, fetish-wise. Even if I had the slightest interest in Colossal Condi, Stephen Hadley is Industrial Strength Anti-Erection Protection.

Total no fun zone, trust me.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can say this much for Gates--I enjoy his Keebler elf cookies.

samael7 said...

Yay! It's another game of Cover My Genitals! That must be, like, the best-ever favorite game of the Bush administration.

Given that their best skill -- above leadership, above diplomacy, above policy -- is Cover My Ass, this is to be expected.

dguzman said...

If that IS a Hadleybot, I think they messed up his head--it's kinda misshapen. Damned corporate contractors.

wassonii said...

Yes, but at what is she looking?