Monday, May 21, 2007

Please Put a Magnetic Novelty Ribbon on Your Bumper for Laura Schlessinger's Proud Soldier Son

One of my least favorite rhetorical constructs these days is this phrase: I'm against the war -- oh, but of course I support the troops! Really? I'll place that under advisement. Meanwhile:
Deryk Schlessinger's Web site indicated the 21-year-old soldier is stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where, the site's author writes, "godless crazy people like me," have become "a generation of apathetic killers."
The site indicated Schlessinger's team has survived numerous mortar, rocket and roadside bomb attacks. It also included several graphic cartoons. In one of the stick drawings, a top-hatted man laughs as he rapes a bound and bleeding woman in front of her family. In another depiction, a man forces a boy to perform oral sex at knifepoint as the child's mother pleads for her son's life.


Anonymous said...

Karen Zipdrive says:

It's no wonder "Doctor" Laura's son appears to be demon seed.
Garbage in, garbage out.

Matthew Hubbard said...

Some of Our Boys In Uniform are psychotic, amoral killers? Who knew? I mean besides Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg and anyone who's seen their films?

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

And what does Dr. Luara's Doctorate in Physiology say she should do about this?

Lulu Maude said...

Pray, your highnesses, pray.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Not Dr. Laura's son! NO NO NO!

This is some vast left wing conspiracy and misuse of no doubt!

Oh the evilest of the evildoers spare no path in their pursuit of persecuting the righteous!


thephoenixnyc said...

I think that in the Army he is going to catch teh ghey and get kicked out.

Civic Center said...

I came across a large metal boat in the Santa Barbara, California harbor last summer with a big "WATERMAN.COM" sign on it. The boat was filled with boys ranging in age from 13-19, shirtless, running around doing push-ups and jumping jacks, seemingly for every old pedophile's delectation in the vicinity.

I checked out the website and it turned out to be an ocean-based "boot camp" with creepy paramilitary and Jesus overtones. Featured prominently on the site (though no longer) was a photo of Dr. Laura rappeling down the side of the boat showing off her "courage." For a fuller account, I have an old blog posting called "Jesus Is A Bodysurfer" here:

And I totally agree with you about "supporting the troops." I don't "support" murderers and rapists, even if I am helping to pay for them, god forgive me.

Anonymous said...

This Dr. Laura?


(Thank, er, blame Bartcop!)