Thursday, January 18, 2007

Please Forgive Me


Anonymous said...


Why didn't you say there was a windstorm in Germany when Condi got off the plane (per NBC evening news tonight)? Might have given context to her hair eccentricities...

Peteykins said...

I assumed that people would just know it would have to be a windstorm to displace that much hair product.

Anonymous said...

It's only proper...


Anonymous said...

U R 4gvn!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Principezza, re your comment:

"I assumed that people would just know it would have to be a windstorm to displace that much hair product."

But I am bald and don't use hair products!

An admirer...

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHA! I love it!

Anonymous said...

ya look lovely condi

we very happy today, really we very very happy.

we saw the future of germany and it is much betta than we thought, much better, ya see we saw this chick, she is a governor, though the prissy asses call her executive chef, hahahahahaha

she is a governor of a province and she told a prissy old dude to fuck off and he said oh yeah, and then he sent his minions to find out whether she was imbibing vodka on the side, and they found out she was only imbibing bourbon and beer, beer and bourbon shots and she rides a motorbike, yeah, and she has red hair

and they said find out if she sleeps with anybody and they found out she only sleeps with two or three guys at a time, really tame for a governor, and meanwhile the old dude got his ass on the grill

and it turns out that the looney dude was not only psycho about being mean to merkel, which is self looney but still, he also a lunatic anti turkish yawp.

so mooslame v happy his ass is toast.

motobikers also v happy.

also guys who sleep with chicks

also bourbon and beer makers.

so v many peeps v happy.

check the chick out, gabriele pauli.
old dude who ass is toast stoiber.
bye bye.

oh btw, we feel for ya ass europe, and hope ya feels betta soon, meanwhile balmy temps in russia, just thought we would let youse know.

bringing cheer and joy wherever we go.

ta ta.

ps : 10 more days to vote for dietpepsi rookie of the year

vote devin hester early and often

time we got a corn row guy into the hall of fame.

itsa important peeps.

Anonymous said...

also storms in europe but balmy in russia, so balmy

horrendous storms in europe, condi cant leave hotel, says any skirt lifting will have to be done by jamie robertson who had to cut short his vacation for diplomatic emergency

bavarian biker chick topples ass of bavarian stooge man,1518,459838,00.html

so pretty, so v pretty, so pretty and witty and wise

cheer and joy wherever we go

Anonymous said...

more on condi from huffpo

Anonymous said...

I dunno....she looks a lot like my Walking-Talking-Pooping Doll when I drop her in the bathtub. With the microwave and and a 'Butch Barbie'.

Makes ya think, don't it?

Anonymous said...

If only I could go PhotoShopping!

Following on Greggs Proper Plassnikkering, perhaps we need to Condisize our girl to something more Natural -

But what's the right context for a Gna RLY head -- somewhere between
Iraq or a Hair Place?

Anonymous said...

condi said that was very good advice to fly out of berlin and into london and let jamie robertson of the bbc do the skirt lifting needed.

afterward she was thrilled, yeah, and everythang was great, really it was, even though she had to share him with ursula plassnik and a couple of swiss girl legislators, she didnt mind, she said she is used to sharing george with laura and at least jamie doesnt just lay there, like george

germans meanwhile said they was not completely skanky poos and they had started falling in love with the gabriele pauli chick, they said, she is much better in bed than the stoiber dude



hearting gabriele pauli

this is gabriele pauli cute web site

if my stupid boyfrn charles hadlock cant get to even first base, he should at least take a flight to germany, which is not exactly a third world country and meet this chick and report back to norah o donnell.

massive takedown in bavaria should make even stodgy texas butts move some ass.

btw norah o donnell does that hair tossing dominatrix thang really well.

condi would be so amazed.

bye bye.

Peteykins said...

Um, no offense, but I think some of the people leaving comments on the Pink Pony lately need to get their own blogs? I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

I concur. They should be writing long incoherent blog entries that no one will read, instead of long incoherent comments that no one will read.
It'd be so much more efficient, saving time and scrolling for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Ah Princess, but I've noted how well everyone is doing at Ignoring. We learned from last time. As tempting as it is. BUT you do not deserve this. Particularly as you are now part of the Euro-set. You'll have to invest in a new tiara!