Monday, January 22, 2007

I Wish I Were a Girl So That I Could Get an Abortion

Click for bigger, Brownbackier!

Ah yes, it was official anti-choice creeps day on the Mall, one of my least favorite days of the year. And tomorrow their detritus will be everywhere, because the religious kooks, year after year, are always the litterbuggiest protesters ever. New to the scene this year were the legions of Brownback supporters (see above), proving conclusively that he's got the Krazy Vote™ totally locked up. Hooray!

(Also, can we talk about the name Brownback? It always seems vaguely obscene to me, as in, "Oh, God, sorry... I'm really not into brownbacking." I mean... ew.)

Oh, and the title of this post? That's my favorite comeback (try it!) to any anti-choice cretin who dares to try to engage me in "dialog". It always guarantees a hasty retreat. I wish I could take credit for it, but the swish of the combable tail goes to John Waters for that little nugget of joy. My colleague Cathy (co-author, somewhat ironically, of this book) has an even better one: "I'm a lesbian and I had an abortion. Aren't you glad?"


Civic Center said...

That may be your most controversial title ever. Glad to hear it was a John Waters hand-me-down. His movies may have become less entertaining as he gets older, but as a social philosopher I'd put him up against Andy Warhol any day of the week.

I've still not gotten over his tactic for avoiding conversations with bores while taking an airplane ride. Just whip out a copy of "Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence" and flip to the before-and-after photo pages where Sister So-and-So looks like Johnny Cash in a flannel shirt on the next page.

Anonymous said...

In regards Cathy's book: can a man be called anything worse than a Netherlandish Diptych? I think you could have started a fistfight with Gandhi out if you called him that. You'd have 155 pounds of angry Hindu Vegetarian all up in your grill!

Anonymous said...

Try being hit in the face by some brat with a sign who isn't paying attention in a mob of lifers trying to figure out how to get through the Metro turnstiles at Capitol South. I just wanted to go home, really.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, it seems to me the funniest thing one could see would be a craven stampede of pro-lifers through the metro. Life this bee-yatch!

Could you cause one?

Carmen Sutra said...

Sorry. Now I'm forced to share my favorite movie line of all times, also from John Waters:

"Lulu! You dance lewdly for the boys at lunch period?

For a quarter I will!"

As I walk through life, I try to be Lulu in all things.

Peteykins said...

And from the same movie: "I'm having an abortion and I can't wait!"

Anonymous said...

The name Brownback. Looked on the web. Found this page:

Yes, this man has brown shit all over his bottom. Someone send him some Charmin.