Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Real Ohio Gubernatorial Question: Whose is Bigger?

As you can see, AP photographer Jay Laprete caught both candidates for Governor doing that same "I'm holding an invisible, spherical object" hand gesture so popular with politicians these days. Sadly, both appear to have invisible friends of roughly the same size, so there goes that indicator right out the window.

I've written several times before about language viruses, so could this be cited as an example of a gesture virus? If it is, Condi better get her some Cipro right away. In any event, it seems to be inspired by Giacometti's famous 1935 sculpture The Invisible Object (Hands Holding the Void):


Anonymous said...

I think acyclovir is the drug of choice.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say I too have fallen unwitting victim to the gesture virus. I have it on good authority that as I am teaching my hands grasp at at invisable ball. Oh the shame the shame.

Is there rehab for this? Someone help me please!

Civic Center said...

That is a great Giacometti reference.

Anonymous said...

The orientation of the photos make it difficult to check out the packages but I say the black guy wins.