Thursday, June 01, 2006

Julie Chen Achieves Total Enlightenment

Some of you may recall that I briefly flirted with the idea of stalking CBS TelePrompter-Reader Julie Chen rather than Secretary Ferragamoleezza, and I wondered if perhaps the Chen android was a prototype for the Condibot we've come to know and love.

Well, the fine folks at TVGasm, the only television blog worth reading, and the folks who coined the endearing "Chenbot" appellation, must have thought they were dreaming this morning when they saw this little item in today's Page 6:
June 1, 2006 -- IS "Big Brother" hostess Julie Chen actually an android? An Internet compilation clip of CBS boss Les Moonves' wife robotically uttering the phrase "but first" has led some to dub her "The Chenbot" - and even she seems to agree. "My best friend from college called one day and said, 'They call you "the Chenbot" on the Internet. You're like a robot,' " Chen tells Entertainment Weekly. "And I'm like, 'What?!' I watched that Internet compilation of every 'but first' I've said on 'Big Brother.' You know, my inflections are the same every single time. The turn is the same every single time. The facial expressions are the same every time. I am the Chenbot!"

Goo goo ga-joob!


Anonymous said...

chen and the art of robot maintenence?

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