Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Uh Oh... Subtext City!

From the breaking story surrounding the Alabama church fires (emphasis mine):
None of the three has a previous criminal record, said Richard Montgomery, Alabama's state fire marshal.

DeBusk is a theater major at Birmingham-Southern, while Moseley's major was undeclared, college officials said. Mark Doll, a Birmingham-Southern sophomore who said he plays in a band with Moseley, told CNN he never heard Moseley speak of religion.

"There was nothing that we can see that would lead us to think he would do something like this," he said.
Hmmm... get ready for a potentially verrry interesting story.


Unknown said...

Rich, bored kids..hopefully daddy's money wont keep their butts out of jail.Drama..they got some now don't they?

isabelita said...

Hey, these boys have the same sense of humor as Ann Coulter, who suggested that someone put rat poison in Supreme Court Justice
Stevens' creme brule! Except they acted on their whimsical notion of fun. Perhaps they'd like a funny three-way with Miss Coulter, who, by the way, looks like a pony ready for the glue factory.