Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Smell My Finger

Reuters' Larry Downing had himself a reg'lar Condistravaganza at the Heritage Foundation earlier today, merrily taking picture after picture of the happy Princess in her most friendliest surroundings. Yes, sir, Secretary Ferragamotoes was in rare form. Read her lips:

Democracy in the Middle East! Oh, behave!

My special favorite, the "I'm Compassionate™" :

Whoah! And take a look at that hairdo! That's getting a little abstract. I'm interested.

UPDATE: Pony Pal™ Brit would like to point out Condi's freshly coiffed eyebrows, and now I've got a whole new part of her face to obsess over. She better be careful or those brows will become but a whistful memory.


Anonymous said...

Home perm! Home perm! I bet Condi's stylist is on vacation. You know, I don't know whey she's bothering to stick around, everyone is out on Use or Lose at the moment. Grrrl, get yourself to Dubai and go skiiing, get a tan, find a man.

Brit said...

Looks like Condi got her brows waxed, too. How does that rank on the alert system?

Brit said...

WOOHOO! I'm a Pony Pal now!

Brit said...

Also (last one, I swear) she looks a bit like Eartha Kitt in that second picture. Meeeeooow!

Anonymous said...

Jebus, Princess Peteyk...uh...erm...uh...Sparkle Pony, U R seriously teh funay (this is my first visit to this blog). Why not share more of this side of you in FARK PS threads?

Karen Zipdrive said...

She needs to Botox that forehead before someone tries to breed her with another Shar Pei.