Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tell Us, Mr. Hadley, Do You Prefer Organza or Tulle?

From USAToday's upcoming profile of National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley:
Question: I've got to ask you this. I've got to put this on the record. And that is you have a 32-inch waist in designer clothes. Yes?
Hadley: Some secrets cannot be disclosed. [laughs]
Question: And American men want to know where you get your clothes, what your favorite designers are. I've sized you up and figure Akris Punto and some Armani and I'm not sure of the others. This is a really significant question for the men of America.
Hadley: I cannot confirm...
Question: Struggling to be...
Hadley: I cannot confirm or deny. [laughs]
Question: Struggling to have a 32-inch waist after the age of -- yes.
Hadley: What age is that? [laughter]
Question: Fifty. I think those of us who are above the age of 50 should be proud of it.
Ridiculous, right? Is it real? Well, no... not exactly. I just changed the pronouns from feminine to masculine and "Secretary Rice" to "Stephen Hadley" (and 'size 6' to '32-inch waist') to expose the idiocy of Barbara Slavin's interview with Condoleezza Rice, as featured in this morning's Reliable Source. And people think I'm shallow.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to change the second size 6 at the end of the article. Cool blog.

Laura said...

Ummmm...there's a war going on and we're asking the Secretary of State about size 6 Armani suits? That, my friends, is what's wrong with journalism today.

Peteykins said...

Bingo, Laura! I mean... I'm a glittery pony with a gorgeous, flowing mane, but what's her excuse?

Anonymous said...

Stephen's rounded spectacles and generally preppie-ish demeanor say to me he's more of a gabardine skirt suit type, but maybe tulle would reflect his softer after-work side.

Anonymous said...

What- no questions about shoes and shoe shopping tips for people durng national emergencies?