Saturday, November 12, 2005

Just Sit Right Back...

Pony Pal™ Ian writes:
I was thinking today about the relationship of our ruler to his subjects, and it struck me that the present White House denizens might reflect the plucky corps on Gilligan's Island. I kind of want to say that Cheney is Skipper and Bush is Gilligan, with Condi as Ginger and Harriet as Maryanne. However, here's where it gets difficult. Should Rove be the Professor, or should he be the Skipper [can't you see him smacking Bush with that captain's hat?] and Cheney Thurston Howell III? Or should the latter be Rumsfeld? Is Karen fuddy enough to be Mrs.Howell? I'm so confused.

Please help.
Welllll... first of all, I would swap Condi and Harriet for Maryanne and Ginger, instead of the other way around, but I would definitely have Cheney and Bush as the Skipper and Gilligan (see above) and Rove as the Professor. Thurston and Lovey? Rumsfeld as the former and Scott McClellan as the latter! Casting issues solved!